Take control of your entire social media marketing with fully integrated Diaspark Retail Software

Selling has reached a new paradigm and Diaspark’s retail solution is equipped to help you to be there a win. Our platform is now integrated with powerful social media management, intelligence and analytics platforms to empower retailers with a single centralized platform to create, manage and distribute right content across relevant social media channels.

Diaspark Jewelry Retail Platform


  • Find influencers relevant to your industry and offering to spread the word for you
  • Manage all your social media accounts in one place and share content across platforms from a single sign-on
  • Track how your competitors are using social media tools for engagement and brand building to optimize your strategy


  • Customize content in real-time based on customer reaction with campaign monitoring
  • Track online sentiment about your brand and products to better position your branding strategy and manage reputation
  • Understand needs and preferences of your target audience
  • Track share of voice geographically to strategize specific strategy of every targeted geography


  • Set KPIs that are in-line with current industry best practices of your marketing campaigns
  • Identify trending and impactful topics and hashtags and how you incorporate them in your communication strategy
  • See which social channels prove to be most effective
  • Track influencer performance, campaign virality, sales contribution by medium and more
  • Customizable dashboards to get 360 degree view of your entire social media

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