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Order Management System in Jewelry ERP Software

On receipt of sales order, stock is checked for item availability. If Item is available at stock it is shipped to customer raising a subsequent sales invoice / memo. If item is out of stock then a production request is generated for the same through production module.

Order Management ERP
  • Orders for Asset, Memo, Salesline, Sample, Stock, SPO and Closeout
  • Order Asset is for standard order i.e. for Sales Invoice
  • Order Memo is for sending goods on Sales Memo
  • Order Sample is for sample goods
  • Order Salesline is for Line items
  • Order Stock is for stock purpose i.e. these are dummy orders with which we can produce goods
  • Order SPO is for Special Orders
  • Diaspark ERP is tightly integrated with EDI system
  • Transferring EDI Order to Sales after all validations and acknowledgement from the authorized person through EDI Inbox
  • Transmission of Sales Memo/Invoice through EDI
  • Orders can be made from enquiry, quotation or catalog with a single click
  • Sales Order approval
  • Allocation of Stock to Sales Order for priority shipment
  • Sales Order Tracking to view all stock at various stage of the item e.g. Purchase Order, Workbag, Contractor, Receiving, QC, Rejection, Stock and Shortage
  • Sales Order Status views all transactions in relation to a specific order e.g. Production Request, Workbags Generated, Components issues to Workbag, Vendor Orders, Vendor Invoices, Caster PO, Caster Invoices, Contractor Memo, Lab Memo, Contractor Invoice, Lab Invoice, Packing List, Sales Memo, Sales Invoice and Sales Order Cancellation
  • Customer Open Order information categorized by Sales Order, Customer, Item and Workbag
  • Choose order from the different types to enter e.g. Asset, Memo, Sample, Salesline, SPO and Stock
  • Select Customer Ship To from a predefined list of Customer Ship To or define Temporary Ship To
  • Master PO on header and PO# for each line in detail can be entered
  • Enter Daily Gold Price in the system
  • Calculate Sales Order Price based on current gold price
  • Change Metal Type, Color, Size and Diamond Quality of style for SPO in detail
  • Discount in line or for the complete order can be entered
  • Enter quantity (in pieces) and Weight for the item
  • Enter Ship Date and Cancel Date
  • Order can be processed for inhouse production or overseas finished
  • Inhouse production generates job-bags for the styles
  • Issue or receive components (Diamonds, Casting, Colorstone and Finding) to and from job-bags and send it to contractor
  • Receive from Contractor and Transfer to QC
  • Overseas Finished generates job-bag and PO to vendor for the style
  • Either get semi-finished style from vendor and issue center stone to job-bag and then send to contractor, or get finished style from vendor and transfer it to QC
  • If QC passed, then transfer to RTS (Ready to Ship)
  • From RTS, user can now ship the goods to customer
  • Order Status displays all possible activities of an order and its items
  • PPS shows Production Plan Sheet of the items in the sales order
  • PR shows Production Requests and its status for the items
  • WB shows all job-bags of the items and their status
  • Component Issue shows all issue documents through which components were issued to job-bags of the order
  • Vendor PO shows all vendor pos with respect to order items
  • Vendor Invoice shows all vendor invoices with respect to order items
  • Caster PO and Caster Invoice shows caster activities for the order
  • Contractor/Lab Memo, Contractor/Lab Invoice shows contractor activities for the job-bags of the order
  • Packing Lists shows all the orders and their status
  • Sales Memo, Sales Invoice shows shipment details of the order
  • Order Cancellation shows all cancelled of orders
  • Order Status also shows style details e.g. metal type, color, diamond quality, diamond weight, production type etc. and image
  • Criteria are available to run each and every report e.g. Customer#, A/c Period#, Date#, Transaction#, Item # etc.
  • Each report has multiple formats to choose from
  • Order Register
  • Run Open Order Report on a full length criteria starting from A/c Period, order date, ship date, order group, order type, customer, item, PO#, cancel date etc. in different formats of Customer/Order, Customer/Item, Customer Summary etc
  • Order Status Report to show details of the order e.g. invoices, memo and cancellation against order in different formats and a wide range of criteria to run
  • Different Order Aging Reports with Customized Aging e.g. 30-60-90 or 45-90-120
  • Sales Order – Purchase Order – Purchase Invoice – Sales Invoice report for tracking the order shipment
  • Reports can be exported readily to MS Excel and Adobe PDF

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