Diaspark Retail Software integrates with
IBM Watson to empower CRM for Jewelry Retailers

CRM is an extremely important tool for jewelry industry that has a direct impact on data collection, conversions & effective customer retention, which adds-up to sales in the long run. Diaspark has integrated with IBM Watson to monitor all form of customer data, identify customers with visual recognition, analyze trends with speech-to-text function and much more with the help Artificial Intelligence tools.

Uplift Customer Satisfaction and Boost Loyalty


  • In-store camera connected with Diaspark-IBM Watson platform identifies the customer and finds their profile using visual recognition.
  • Record and transcribe speech-to-text to analyze calls and customer interests.
  • Get complete access to customer profile on iPad.


  • Customer profile enables to get history of purchase, wishlist, etc.
  • Save the customer speech-to-text notes to CRM for future sales analysis.
  • Manage customer data as per buying patterns, demographics for offers and holiday discounts.


  • Manage personal offers to customer with the help of sales manager’s iPad.
  • Send notifications and email campaigns with CRM data.
  • Access CRM tools with a unified platform of Diaspark Retail Software.

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