Diaspark Vendor Portal is a web-based tool with vendor relationship management functions to help manage communication with vendors.

It tightly integrates with your vendors and improves visibility into production processes and planned timelines.It gives vendors transparency to every activity along with ability to manage complete lifecycle of every issued purchase order.


  • Improved Vendor-Client communication with updated information of production status for better decision making.
  • Full control over production to effectively meet timelines with alerts on critical activities.
  • Monitor and track status of diamonds & stones supplied by vendor to acknowledge orders received at your end.
  • Gain better control with diamond & stone reconciliation to track entire transactions of inventory.
  • Gain full control over production on pending to fulfill orders quickly.
  • Get system generated notes to track any changes to the order by either parties.
  • Get complete detail of pending tasks by individual user for better workflow system in smooth production of the jewelry.
  • All activities done in the orders is accessible to vendor-client i.e acknowledge orders, along with their price and ship dates.
  • List details of complete Purchase Orders, transaction history along with specification and shipping detail.
  • Controls purchase orders with with vital information like vendor, item name, price, shipping date etc.
  • Effective communication on Vendor Portal saves time and eliminates errors, hence records every transaction without emails.
  • System enables company to have effective time & resource management which helps in procuring the raw material on time.
  • Increased competitive edge by providing your suppliers faster and accurate information.


This is Vendor’s inbox to acknowledge newly placed , this option displays complete details of orders with suggested shipping date.

Vendors can view orders and acknowledge orders with their price & ship date. Company get email notification as soon as order is acknowledged.

Used by companies, this inbox lets acknowledge order with suggested price and ship date, Company can accept or reject Vendor suggested price or ship date.

Once accepted the orders get finalised. Thus both parties signoff on mutual agreement for ship date and price, eliminating any conflicts.

Used by Diamond vendors, this option displays complete specification of diamonds required in a order with suggested shipping date.

Vendors can view orders with customized filtration and acknowledge orders with price & ship date. Auto email generation on acknowledgement of order.

Used by company, this option lists all acknowledged diamond orders. View vital information required for decision making viz.

Order, Vendor Shipping Date, Price, Vendor Ship Date and Vendor Item Name. Company has the option to accept, decline or cancel any purchase order.

Instantly view complete details of each order with item price, specification and shipping detail.

View list of POS acknowledged by vendor and pending orders with balance quantities. Generate reports to keep vendors informed about complete PO status. Complete tracking of diamond as they are.

For Jewelry Vendors, once order is completed, packing slip is generated and based on this packing slip, invoice is generated by the company.

For Diamond Vendors, once when ready to ship, diamond packing slip is generated and based on this packing slip, ship to jewelry vendor or company invoice is generated by the company.

For Company , once final order is received from the Jewelry Vendor, weight is checked based on packing slip, and invoice is generated on the same. Incase of any difference same is mentioned there in.

Sample can be imported in the ERP system. System can recalculate pricing based on predefined vendor charge sheet.

Mention diamond & casting details along with labor charges. Option for company to review, suggest or modify style to the vendor. Centralized storage of styles to avoid confusion. Integrate approved styles to ERP system for which PO can be raised.

Used by Jewelry Vendors, once diamond shipment is received by the jewelry vendor, Jewelry vendor can now update the system details about the diamonds received , used and returned back.

Monitor individual diamond , diamond set, color stone set, or entire stone, purchase orders through detailed reporting on Pending Orders, Open Orders, PO Register, Cancelled Orders.

It shows the current Production stage- required , received, and used diamond details.

Monitor Diamond & Color stone set’s purchase orders through detailed reporting on Pending Orders, Open Orders, PO Register, Cancelled Orders .

Company and Jewelry Vendor can view and track diamonds shipped and received, used and returned.

Monitor Purchase Orders through detailed reporting on Pending Orders, Open Orders, PO Register, Cancelled Orders. Also provide Aging report to know the diamond requirements in coming week.

Enhanced security with role-based user access. Set up access based on requirements. Vendors can view only their respective data and transactions.


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