Diaspark Vendor Portal is a web-based tool with vendor relationship management functions to help manage communication with vendors.

It tightly integrates with your vendors and improves visibility into production processes and planned timelines.It gives vendors transparency to every activity along with ability to manage complete lifecycle of every issued purchase order.

Improved Vendor-Client Communication

Keeps both the parties (company and vendor) on the same page. i.e any activity done on the order is accessible to both the parties. System generates alerts for all critical activity done on the order keeping all stake holders aware of PO status. Also helps in Diamond and Stone Reconciliation

Supply Chain Visibility

Monitor and track individual diamond as well diamond sets supplied by diamond vendor and received ,used and returned by the jewelry vendor. With diamond reconciliation, track entire transactions for diamond and stones.

Complete Production Tracking

Have full control over production and fix any issues with the diamonds or jewelry vendor to get the production done on time. Send diamond aging report to know the diamond requirements in coming weeks

Purchase Order Workflow

Every user has its own inbox, this helps user to know their pending task. This workflow system helps smooth production of the jewelry. Any activity done on the order is accessible to both the parties.i.e accepting and sending vendor responses and orders, including end of day pending & overdue orders and email reminders

Current And History Purchase Orders

List details of complete Purchase Orders, transaction history along with status of each order.

Minimize Errors And Save Time & Money

It takes care of entire PO management with complete details of purchase order along with vital information like vendor item name, price, gold lock, shipping date etc, helping Vendor Portal users to make right decisions. Thus it eliminate the chance of human error, with that it saves time and money. This whole email communication are done inside Vendor Portal, hence no need to maintain separate email account outside portal.

Increase Competitive Advantage

System enables company to have effective time & resource management. This helps in procuring the raw material on time. Thus lowering the cost and fulfillment of customer’s order on time. Scale up competitive edge by providing your suppliers faster and accurate information.


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