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Streamline purchasing and gain transparency through procure to pay processes

Gain complete visibility into organization’s spending and efficiently manage procurement processes. Ensure effective ROI with your inventory by making timely purchase decisions thus avoiding stockouts and overstock situations.

Diaspark Retail Purchase
  • Automated & hassle free purchasing
  • Real time visibility into inventory demand, supply and costs
  • Efficiently meet customer demand
  • Improvise inventory management processes
  • Analytical reports
  • Maintain purchase orders, invoices, memo, memo returns and credit invoices to vendors
  • Generate purchase order for customer orders
  • Track orders and memos by vendor, item, shipping date, open order and order status
  • Complete information about vendors, personal information, address
  • Record every transaction with vendor
  • Generate and track Purchase Orders
  • Receive items with or without purchase order
  • Retrieve purchase orders by vendor, PO number
  • Receive order in full or partially
  • Purchase analysis by vendor
  • Purchase analysis by item
  • Purchase analysis by accounting period
  • Enter purchase returns transactions
  • Reduce on hand inventory and voucher into Account payable to store credits with the vendor
  • Integrated with Accounting and Inventory modules
  • Voucher received orders directly to Accounts Payable
  • Complete inventory management

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