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Deliver an unified shopping experience to customers at point of sale

Powerful and intuitive point of sale features to efficiently focus on increasing sales volume and aiding your customers. Diaspark Retail consists of point of sale automation features, management capabilities and analytics to smoothly run your jewelry retail and wholesale businesses.

Diaspark Jewelry Retail POS
  • Tap sales with inventory visibility across entire organization
  • Improve overall customer experience
  • Informed clerks with accurate information on inventory and customers
  • Role based security
  • Easy to use and intuitive touch screen interface

Completely track sales process in one screen. Search for sales for any time, generate invoices with or without customer information, customer refunds and charge accounts with separate billing and shipping addresses.

Generate notes, enter transaction and record customer’s special order information and take customer deposit for each transaction. Bill the item to the customer after the order is ready.

Makes Sales document for recording all the jewelry items that are involved in processing faulty goods that a customer sends in for repair.

The software can generate gift certificates, track and redeem the use of gift vouchers, cards, certificates issued.

Manage jewelry returns and exchange, make full refunds, issue store credit and exchange a jewelry item for another.

Take partial payments from the customer against purchase of jewelry items and finalize the sale after receipt of full payment for the order.

Determine the value of your jewelry, easily manage, create appraisal documents and generate letter of value to customers and set standard charges.

Allow retailers to access all data they need on their stores, sales, products and customers with an intuitive interface. End of day reconciliation for various analyses :

X out report, Receipt report, Sales report and Z out report. View performance reports including Payment Summary report, Payment Detail report, Sales Summary report, Top sales report, Customer sales history & Stock report.

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