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Simplify inventory management and deliver end to end receipt-to-sales process

Maximize in-depth and real time visibility into inventory levels. Improvise stock levels and deliver satisfactory customer experience with complete set of inventory management.

Inventory Management in Diaspark Jewelry Retail
  • Simplify tasks by automating creation of invoice and packing lists
  • Detailed reporting system
  • Effectively meet customer’s demands
  • Seamless processes without errors in manual inventory management
  • Reconcile physical inventory with system inventory
  • Stock adjustment on physical variance
  • Transfer items to different locations
  • Stock valuation
  • Retrieve memo stock and stock-in-hand separately
  • Tag items in inventory
  • Centralized management of all orders
  • Automate shipping processes
  • Improved returns processes with integration between order and return merchandize
  • Efficiently track in-transit store transfers
  • Track all activity of inventory from receipt till sales
  • Track each item with barcode
  • Individual or consolidated store stock tracking
  • Create & maintain style definition and deliver all style components in a single set
  • Track styles for items with serial items
  • Reports for style with details of style items with images
  • Backdated Stock Report
  • Activity Report
  • Transfer Report
  • Eliminate order process errors with process integration across sales and purchase

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