Ready-to-use Cloud based Retail Solution for Jewelry Stores
Diaspark Jewelry Retail Software

This comprehensive and integrated solution for jewelry retailers, automates every transaction of a jewelry retail business operation from handling Point of Sale operations to managing jewelry inventory and reporting. Diaspark Retail is ideal to all jewelry retailers who look for an easy-to-use, intuitive and robust software solution.


  • Diaspark Retail software is a complete solution for jewelry retailers to efficiently manage point-of-sale (POS) and back end management tools.
  • Integration of all combined functionalities into one software: inventory, invoicing, accounting, ordering, reporting to simplify workflow
  • Empowers retailers to deliver a superior and unified customer shopping experience at retail point of sale
  • Diaspark Retail accelerates sales by managing all end to end store functions thus efficiently streamlining operations
  • Manage your sales, inventory and customers from anywhere, any time All you need is an internet connection – time and location doesn’t matter at all
  • Expand your jewelry operations geographically with confidence and easily manage multiple stores located in different places at a point of time from control panel
  • Branded experience across all devices including iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC
  • Improve your jewelry retail business operations with access to all business information in real time
  • Manage customers, suppliers, products and everything involved with Diaspark Retail’s intuitive interface
  • Manage permissions for role-based login to the software and grant unique access to for every hierarchy as per user roles
  • Diaspark Retail supports all types of payments: Cash, Credit, Check, Store Credit and even Gift Cards
  • Touch screen interface to navigate products through different categories


Point of Sale

Deliver an unified shopping experience to customers at point of sale

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Gain knowledge of accounting details and accelerate financial front

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Streamline purchasing and gain transparency through procure to pay processes

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Refine production execution to satisfactorily meet customer demands

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Simplify inventory management and deliver end to end receipt-to-sales process

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Maximize relationships with customers by better customer handling

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Diaspark Retail User Manuals

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