Maximize store performance with deep insights on shopper behavior

Diaspark Retail Analytics is an analytical tool especially tailored for jewelry retail industry. It uses simple technology to study shopper’s behavior throughout their purchase path. It efficiently tracks customer’s visit duration, repeat visitor ratio, visit frequency, walkbys, sales rep – customer engagement ratio etc. Along with this, it also tracks various critical analyses: Sales representative performance, Product analytics and Business Performance analytics.


  • View details of complete customer lifecycle and understand customer behavior. Detailed information on customer visit duration, product likes, loyalty ratio etc.
  • Calculate how merchandizing and staffing affect customer engagement. Identify shoppers who don’t end up buying product.
  • Report for any time period including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, week-to-date, month-to-date, and season-to-date. Specify content for any system: shopper traffic, transactions, returns, conversion, sales etc.


Customer Analysis

  • Complete analysis of customer’s shopping lifecycle: from the time he enters the store and moves out
  • Understand customer behavior and product interaction
  • See customers’ engagement rates with the brand
  • View customer’s visit duration and visit frequency & recency
  • View repeat visitor ratio
  • Details of products customers look at and how many they like


  • Optimize buying, selling, pricing, assortment, placement
  • Identify top-sellers and least sellers
  • Anticipate and address out-of-stock before sales loss
  • Compare sales, margins, return rates by vendor/products
  • Forecast inventory and replenishment


  • View stock reports by year/month/hour/minute
  • Select stock performance reports

Capture Shopper Details

  • Complete detail of shoppers: demographics and visit frequency
  • Compare people entering the store vs. pass-by
  • View list of shoppers who do not buy the product

Traffic Measurement

  • Measure traffic at each day/hour/minute
  • Capture and measure new and increase in visit of existing customers within marketing campaign

Staffing Optimization

  • Identify busiest sections of store by day and hour for effective staff deployment
  • Identify high seasonal sales for extra staff hiring to make more business
  • Calculate sales conversion rates, total transaction count, total sales, selling success rate, number of products shown/not shown to each customer

Data Modeling

Diaspark Retail Analytics works on a simple data acquisition model delivering high end analytics results.

Diaspark Retail Analytics captures data through a bar code scanner attached to it.

  • Customer walks in: Check new or old customer. If new create a new record
  • Show product to the customer and bar code the item to display on iPhone
  • Select the ‘Like’ button if the customer likes the product
  • Add to the shopping cart if he/she is willing to purchase the product
  • Review the shopping cart and process it for billing
  • Synchronize it with the system and generate various functional reports with the back office system

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