Showcase your products on iPhone & iPad and improve communication and sales with your customers

Order Entry App

Showcase your products and take orders anywhere: on the road, at tradeshow or in the showroom.

Diaspark Order Entry iPad App is a fast and interactive app enabling your sales representative to showcase your jewelry products in a rich, upscale and engaging manner. Providing real time access to information, this intuitive app supports inventory check, product search, order placement – all on iPad.

Diaspark Jewelry Order Entry App
Jewelry Showroom on App with Diaspark
  • Move your entire jewelry product line virtual to iPad
  • Carry all jewelry line sheets, catalogs, order forms with you on a iPad and carry your brand with you
Diaspark Jewelry Order Entry App available on Demand
  • Access our product application can be accessed from anywhere, any time
  • Synchronize jewelry line sheet & catalog, showcase products, place orders no matter where you are
Save paper use Diaspark Jewelry App
  • Eliminate all tedious and erroneous paper work and take more orders quickly with improved order accuracy and save time and other costs
Jewelry Order Management with Diaspark
  • View all jewelry products, customers’ order history & transaction statement from any place
  • Internet connection is not a barrier – connect and synchronize whenever needed
Boost CRM on iPad with Diaspark Jewelry Software
  • Supercharge your customer appointments with customer transaction history available at fingertips
  • Fetch all details of customers instantly with critical information like favorite items, order history, special notes etc.
Customer Analytics on iPad for Jewelers
  • Analyze historical data & measure what works the best with shoppers – most picked items, price range preferability, recently purchased items etc.
  • Predict and anticipate future consumer shopping trends
High Quality Jewelry Images on iPad Order Entry App
  • Show off and present your jewelry products with high quality and multiple images
Email Jewelry Order details with Diaspark Mobile Apps
  • Email every order detail to all stakeholders as soon as the order gets confirmed.
Role based security in Diaspark Jewelry order entry app
  • Show off and present your jewelry products with high quality and multiple images


Diaspark Jewelry M-Commerce App

Create a mobile presence for your jewelry pieces with our ready to go CRM app and start managing customer activities right away around the world.

Enhance customers relations & promote sales in an engaging manner with flawless process of Diaspark CRM. Integrated with Diaspark Retail, it seamlessly manages your customer details, tasks, campaigns & much more.


Empowers sales representatives to interact one-on-one with your walk-in customers and improve sales.

It offers the capability to add/edit customers, scan products with barcode, perform inventory look ups, record customer likes, add items to the cart and print receipts.

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