Showcase your products on iPhone & iPad and improve communication and sales with your customers

Order Entry App

Showcase your products and take orders anywhere: on the road, at tradeshow or in the showroom.

Diaspark Order Entry iPad App is a fast and interactive app enabling your sales representative to showcase your jewelry products in a rich, upscale and engaging manner. Providing real time access to information, this intuitive app supports inventory check, product search, order placement – all on iPad.

Diaspark Jewelry Mobile App
  • Move your entire jewelry product line virtual to iPad
  • Carry all jewelry line sheets, catalogs, order forms with you on a iPad and carry your brand with you
Diaspark Mobile app available on demand
  • Access our product application can be accessed from anywhere, any time
  • Synchronize jewelry line sheet & catalog, showcase products, place orders no matter where you are
Save Paper go mobile with Diaspark Jewelry Apps
  • Eliminate all tedious and erroneous paper work and take more orders quickly with improved order accuracy and save time and other costs
Diaspark Mobile apps Order management on iPad
  • View all jewelry products, customers’ order history & transaction statement from any place
  • Internet connection is not a barrier – connect and synchronize whenever needed
Boost engagement with Diaspark jewelry Apps
  • Supercharge your customer appointments with customer transaction history available at fingertips
  • Fetch all details of customers instantly with critical information like favorite items, order history, special notes etc.
Customer analytics with Diaspark mobile app
  • Analyze historical data & measure what works the best with shoppers – most picked items, price range preferability, recently purchased items etc.
  • Predict and anticipate future consumer shopping trends
Better image with Jewelry mobile app
  • Show off and present your jewelry products with high quality and multiple images
Email order with Diaspark Mobile apps
  • Email every order detail to all stakeholders as soon as the order gets confirmed.
Role based security with Diaspark Mobile apps
  • Show off and present your jewelry products with high quality and multiple images

M-Commerce App

Create a mobile presence for your jewelry pieces with our ready to go M-Commerce app and start selling them right away around the world.

With our M-Commerce app, your customers will enjoy hours of interesting jewelry browsing all from the comfort of their homes. Now increase your profits by opening a jewelry M-Commerce store of your own. It’s easy with Diaspark.


Empowers sales representatives to interact one-on-one with your walk-in customers and improve sales.

It offers the capability to add/edit customers, scan products with barcode, perform inventory look ups, record customer likes, add items to the cart and print receipts.

Ring Builder App

An easy to use and an interactive step by step custom ring building application for Jewelry Retailers.

Retailers can select their choice of Diamond and Casting/Setting from the inventory to design a custom ring. It offers Diamond details with viewable certificates and the ability to generate and print orders.

Diamond Inventory App

An intuitive diamond inventory application for your retailers to access available diamond inventory.

Retail customers can easily browse through diamond inventory using an iPhone. It features functionalities like searching for diamonds on the basis of carat, color, clarity, cut and price/ct; add products to cart, process the order to check out and print receipts.

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