Diaspark ERP Software Improves Productivity And Profitability of Jewelry Businesses by Providing

  • Accurate tracking of all business transactions. Comparing periodical data provides information necessary to control costs, improve customer services and generate higher profit
  • Inventory module that is specifically designed to provide utmost control on diamonds and color stones inventory
  • Production module that helps in having a precise production plan
  • Provision to help sell goods on Memo – a transaction very much specific to jewelry industry
  • Powerful security features that permit view and access only by authorized personnel
  • Diaspark ERP is a ready-to-use as well as customizable to meet jewelry industry’s unique needs
  • Our experts can set up a complete customized solution along with data transfer from an old system and also provides comprehensive training


  • A fully integrated complete ERP suite comprising of financial, distribution, production, purchasing, sales order, memo, return, and repair modules
  • All modules work together to streamline business processes, maximize efficiency and ensure accurate and complete decision-driving information
  • Uses Microsoft SQL Server back end, making it scalable to as many as user needed, and at the same time handling large transactions
ERP Scalablity
  • Financial modules is closely integrated with the Jewelry manufacturing modules
  • Online updating avoids any posting. No need to run any posting option
  • Very simple and easy to operate interface
Increase Visiblity in Diaspark ERP
  • The memo inventory is tracked separately then the in-hand stock
  • Valuation can be on the fixed price or on the weighted average basis
  • Physical inventory system handles entry and adjustment of the physical stock
Inventory Control in Diaspark ERP
  • Detail of Style definition with Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Diamond, casting and labor setup
  • Customer specific style information can be created easily by coping standard Style definition
ERP Customized Style Setup
  • Can handle different type of orders such as for Memo, for Invoice, for Sample and for Salesman
  • Integrated with the Production system, making it easy to generate Memo or Invoice
Order Processing Diaspark ERP
  • Can generate different types of memos and can be easily converted into Invoice
  • Memo tracking, memo aging, memo status report gives a full control on Memo system
Control over memo in Diaspark ERP
  • A Complete bar code enable tracking of workbags across production stages, than proactively avoid delays, ensure quality and plan for contingencies
  • Workbag, Style tag and inventory is bar-coded to enable easy entry at every production stage
Barcode in Diaspark ERP
  • Cost Saving – Diaspark ERP accurately track all business transactions and compare periodical data to provide information necessary to control costs, improve customer services
  • Precise Information – Diaspark ERP integrates all your business functions from production to invoicing in real time, ensuring every movement is tracked and accounted for. You get up-to-minute status of your business at any point of time
  • Industry features – Diaspark ERP is specifically designed for Jewelry companies like Inventory module is designed bearing physical flow of jewelry, diamonds and color stones. Sales module has memo (consignment) feature, which is very much specific to the jewelry industry
Profitability in Diaspark ERP
  • The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows the automatic, electronic transmission and reception of purchase orders and invoices to and from your clients
  • Dynamically link inventory, sales and shipping
  • Accurate Inventory control
  • Reduce inventory management cost & save time in data entry
RFID enabled Diaspark ERP
  • An online portal which focuses on improving procurement process between your organization and your vendors
  • This tool enables you and your vendors to arrive at an agreement on shipment and price terms with a complete track of communication detail of Purchase Order to the vendor along with email alerts
Integration with vendor portal in Diaspark ERP
  • Empowers sales reps to showcase products in a rich, upscale and engaging manner to their prospective customers using an iPad
  • Real time access to Product Catalog, Inventory Status and Customer Statements
Integration of iPad with Diaspark ERP
  • Workbag concept is designed with the aim of keeping proper track of work assigned to the contractor in jewelry industry
  • Customized workbag can be separated for diamond and casting with image and barcode
  • Module level and object level access available to each user to view and access only those items that relate
  • Each window access to user can be limited to add / view / edit /delete or no access
  • Report access permission can be defined
Security in Diaspark ERP
  • Runs on Microsoft SQL server 2012
Diaspark ERP Technology
  • Track cost of production in real time
  • Calculate weighted cost
  • For each workbag, track cost of diamond, gold, labor, etc
  • Variance report on Style master cost v/s actual cost
  • Profitability report on each item, invoice, customerRuns on Microsoft SQL server 2012
ERP Cost Calculation
  • Production plan sheet
  • Customer info
  • Style Parent Info
  • Style Packet Info
  • Sales Order Tracking
  • Vendor info
  • Bank Balance
  • GL Balance
  • AP Balance
  • AR Balance
  • Stone Lot Stock
  • Stone Packet Stock
  • Style Tracking
  • Sales Person info
  • User Tracking
Diaspark ERP 360 degree approach


Style Setup

Define detailed style components and bills of materials

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Order Management System

Take complete control from Quote to Order Fulfilment

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For Efficient Management of Every Production Stage

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Create & track workbag at all stages

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Return And Repair

Manage return and repair of precious jewelry items

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Style Inventory Management

Create and maintain Receipt, Issue, Transfer and Physical Inventory entry

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Diamond Memo And Inventory

Simplify and Gain Better Control of Diamond Inventory Management

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Financial Accounting Management

Real Time Insights into Financial Performance

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Meet your shipping needs with fast, integrated and multi-carrier module

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Role based security system for information access

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Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic transmission and reception of purchase orders

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ERP software for jewelry salesperson

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