Diaspark provides a comprehensive web-based eCommerce solution JES (Jewelry eCommerce Suite) to manage your online jewelry business needs

  • It is built upon the powerful Magento platform for offering end-to-end product management of loose diamonds as well as designer/custom jewelry items.
  • It can be integrated with 3rd party platforms (RapNet Diamond Trading Network, PriceScope Community etc.) and a variety of marketplaces (eBay, Amazon etc.) to grow your online jewelry business rapidly.
  • It can be customized/configured as per the different business models and workflows.
  • Its advanced custom jewelry building modules helps end users to create personalized jewelry designs including Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets and unique bands for special occasions like Anniversary, Eternity and Wedding Rings.
  • Feature rich admin panel and elegant frontend of JES helps to drive traffic to your store, reach more customers and sell more products online.


  • Custom jewelry utility to create a unique engagement ring, special wedding bands, beautiful pendant, stylish bracelet or earrings with your own design in 3 easy steps.
  • Fully responsive web design with a seamless experience for visitors across different devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop) to browse luxury product range online.
  • The solution is capable enough to integrate with different applications (iVouch for Review, Yelp to Search, CRM etc.) to get benefited in terms of productivity and collaboration.
  • Developed custom extensions to manage specific requirements including metal price updations, featured products display, pricing rules, vendors, and many more…
  • Provision to set special prices, sales promotion including coupon codes, exclusive offers, deals, discounts, and related products.
  • Features that imply the best shopping experience including 1-click secure checkout, multi payment methods, guest checkout, save cart, wish-list
  • Fulfillment featuring order tracking, processing of multiple orders, gift messages, invoice generation, tax configurations, credit memos, and shipments.
  • Configurable catalog to manage multiple product types (jewelry, diamonds, settings), and attributes (properties that defines a product). Multiple images per product, zoom-In capability, reviews, ratings, social share and SEO.
  • Built-in sales reporting and integration with Google Analytics. Admin Dashboard to view various reports including best purchased products, low stock, abandoned shopping cart, coupon usage, sales invoiced and many more…
  • Dashboard for review of recent orders, personal information, newsletter subscription, shopping cart, wish-list, billing and shipping address.


Store admin can configure components of homepage and category pages individually, comprising of top bar, slider, promo quads, footer strip, featured quad, static blocks and links.

The page layout is defined in such a way which allows admin user to customize page content without modifying the complete page/web application.

Customers can create own jewelry designs (ring, earring, pendant, bracelets & bands) in 3 easy steps:

  • Select diamond/band type
  • Choose settings (mounting/style)
  • View and Order

Store Admin can enable/disable custom builder/band settings, and can configure multiple product images, base setting style, metal type, shapes, and custom pricing for the best personalized designs.

RapNet diamond data integration and inventory management from Admin panel.

It includes fetching of RapNet data, vendor details, diamond import, and vendor wise markup price addition as per the requirements.

Integrated multichannel selling across Amazon and eBay including the product listing, automated synchronization of orders and inventory, channel activation, account settings, import customers, bulk editing and customize product pricing for each marketplace.

Workflow driven end-to-end management of product catalogue, featured products, product attributes, multiple images, custom designs, various product categories, newsletters, blogs, site content pages, order tracking, invoice, shipments, tax rule configuration, gift messaging , education pages from Admin panel.

Shopping cart price rule configuration including the different promo offers, deals and discounts. Metal management with addition of new metal type and product pricing based on the today’s metal (gold, silver, platinum etc.) price updations. Automated pricing updations to entire product listing as per the current changes in metal price.


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