Diaspark Customer Portal is tool which enables customers to enter the orders and keep themselves up-to-date with order progress

Communications are sent directly from system to allow a rapid interaction between you and your customer, resulting in a smooth flow of information related to purchase order.


  • Improve entire customer purchasing processes by effortlessly managing all customer communication with an online customer portal website
  • Improve customer service by providing customers 24/7 access to data and let them have a complete view of transactions and order history. Thus customer better plan their business.
  • Customer can instantly access complete information with regard to their Sales Orders, Order Shipment and Accounts Receivables
  • Save time & efforts by letting customers enter, edit, save, view and cancel orders online. Verify final orders and receive automatic email notification of acceptance or decline of order.
  • Monitor all functions through a detailed reporting for pending orders, open orders, memos and receivables.


Customer can place their order on the website.System pulls the customer specific price for the items.

Order placed seen in the pending reports until it is approved. Email alert sent to the customer on orders approval. One can create manual note with email to communicate to the customer. This helps in keeping both you and customer on the same page.

Used by companies, this function lists all orders placed by customers.

Send automatic email notification for order approval to customers. Send auto email with estimated shipping details to customer. Sort and filter data upon needs & preferences. Review shipping information and decide on order confirmation.

When Order is shipped you will be generating a packing slip. System sends an automated email to the customer making aware of the tracking details.

Monitor purchase orders, receivables and memos through detailed reporting on Pending Orders, Open Orders, Open Memos, Invoice Register, Invoice and Receivables report and Shipments & In-Transit report.


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