Multi-store support to grow business

Diaspark Retail is a comprehensive solution to run multiple stores with advanced functionalities including Point-of-Sale, Inventory management, Customer Management to drive better revenue margins and increased customer loyalty. Additionally, our software is optimized to support large numbers of concurrent users.

Jewelry & Watch specific inventory management

Define unique product information for jewelry and watch specific attributes including metal type, stone, design etc. Track inventory at multiple locations across multiple stores. In-depth physical inventory check using RFID.

Build long-term relationships with customers

Record and view complete information of a customer including personal information, transaction history, wish lists, balances due and other processes. Get reports about customers : Preferences, Frequency of visits, Shopping time, Comments

Create unified experiences for customers

Deliver personalized services to customers with 360 degree view of customers across multiple channels and devices. Enable sales representatives to use mobiles and tablets for in-store POS, product browsing, inventory check, and more.

Real-time visibility of orders

Record all repairs and special orders including product images and important messages for order. Track complete orders from receipt till sales.

Flexible retail software solution

Diaspark Retail is operating system-agnostic i.e. our software is not locked down to any particular operating system. We provide our users with the complete freedom to process transactions and serve their customers from any system.


With Diaspark’s comprehensive reporting functionality, gain real-time visibility of inventory, sales, margins, customer records, and performance trends

Explore our complete suite of Jewelry Software

Explore our complete suite of Jewelry Software

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