Jewelry Catalog & Order Entry on iPad – A smarter approach

 In Jewelry Software

Jewelry industry will see big transformation in Sales-Client relationship with the innovative application on iPad that gives richer and smarter experience to the clients.

This iPad application from the makers of Diaspark Jewel ERP, is first of its kind enterprise application which is very handy and useful. People neither have to carry their laptops nor worry about typing by one hand. The intuitive interface of iPad and its touch screen, allows the sales person to reduce the time for showcasing jewelry styles from their catalog as its supports keyword search on parameters like type of jewelry, diamond size, value etc. The bigger screen of iPad is very attractive for showing the Jewelry images. The on-screen keyboard provides ease in navigating through catalogue and making order entries.

The rich Graphical User Interface that can be implemented on iPad gives an extra edge in showing catalogs. A sales person can expand or contract the images just by using fingers. This device is easy to carry, facilitates order entry, inventory checking, pending order details and order submission to make the entire process faster.

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