Integration of Diaspark Energy and Itron TMS creates a plug-and-play solution

 In Energy Solutions

Monitoring of solar systems is vital if the owner/O&M provider wants to get the energy production that they paid for. A monitoring system should have the capability of showing production statistics and alerts in real time. This level of monitoring will allow solar installations to operate on maximum efficiency.

A key feature of Diaspark Energy is the ability to connect with a variety of web services as well as directly to monitoring gateways. Diaspark’s partnership with Itron highlights the benefits of this close integration that greatly reduces the customer’s cost of installing a meter and monitoring the system in real time.

managed_servicesAs shown in the figure, Itron configures each Solar Meter to communicate with its Transaction Management Service (TMS) before shipping it to a customer. Upon installation the device automatically transmits a Diaspark Energy registration message to Itron without requiring user intervention. This data is then relayed to Diaspark via web service.

Some of the benefits of such a solution are:

  • TMS configured to communicate with Diaspark Energy: No cost or setup
  • Automatically provisioned by Itron: Simplified inventory management for the installer
  • Immediate alerts sent: The Solar Meter sends immediate notification in case of system failure
  • Revenue grade meter: The Itron Solar meter collects energy production data at 15 min intervals and transmits a block once every 24hrs to Diaspark Energy via the TMS.

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