Technology Services to Help Nonprofits Deliver
Bottomline Results

Diaspark helps nonprofits harness the power of technology for success of their mission. We work as a technology and consulting partner to help them manage their digital platforms (website, mobile apps, social platforms), fundraising solutions, grants programs and CRM systems. Our dedicated line of services across areas of mHealth and telehealth also help nonprofits focused at care delivery, medical research and addiction management.

  • Technology Advisement, System Selection and Implementation Management
  • Development, Enhancement and Managed Services for Nonprofit Websites and Systems
  • Integration and Unification of Nonprofit Digital assets
  • mHealth and Telehealth Solution Development
  • IT Talent Partner

Manage you digital assets efficiently to reach out more audience

Around the world several Nonprofits organize campaigns, events & activities for fundraising. However, to fortify their fundraising activities they have to organize and leverage their digital platforms to entice donors to opt for donations. Diaspark works with nonprofits to provide them better visibility and control of their digital assets by integrating their content management systems, CRM and Fundraising platforms.

NPO Services, CRM Services, Fundraising/Campaign Management, mhealth, Telehealth, BI & Analytics

Diaspark offers technology services to manage digital platforms like website, mobile apps and social platforms for nonprofit organizations. Our Digital Asset Management services include:

Website Responsive Design & Development

Implementation of a unified CMS across all digital assets

Enhancements & managed Services for existing CMS System

Multilingual Content Support

Seamless Integration with 3rd party Fundraising, CRM & Payment Processing Solutions

Manage fundraising activities proficiently and become first choice for donors

Diaspark works with nonprofits to offer a complete suite of technology services for efficiently managing their fundraising activities. Our technology services provides centralized database storage, manages donor portfolio and personalized communication, manages campaigns by giving it a technology edge and handles all aspects of digital platform for online donations.

Technology Services
Technology alignment and efficient portfolio management

Technology alignment and efficient portfolio management

Improve and enhance communication with donors and engage them in a long run.

Fundraising campaign management

Fundraising campaign management

Manage multiple campaigns running at a time

Online donations services

Online donations services

Entice donors for recurring donations for various campaigns

Campaign Enhancement

Campaign Enhancement

Manage sponsors and volunteers by provides world class technology apps to enroll them



Seamless integrations with external applications and platforms

Reporting & Analytics platform

Reporting & Analytics platform

Get actionable insights on campaign effectiveness and improves fundraising decisions

Unified fundraising management platform

Unified fundraising management platform

Get a clear view of all fundraising campaigns

Multilingual Content support

Multilingual Content support

Manage campaigns across geographies by overcoming the language barrier

Penny-wise technology services for nonprofits

Penny-wise technology services for nonprofits

Make the most from your dollars invested in technology with our cost effective services

mHealth for Nonprofits

Mobile technology brings tremendous potential in delivering bottom line results for nonprofits. mHealth solutions are providing a strong backbone in transforming areas of care delivery, coordination, medical research and addiction management. With expertise of developing mobile solutions to help nonprofits remote monitor patients, educate patients and promote participation in their care management, improve care coordination and reduce cost.

  • Design and development of consumer focused mobile apps  & enterprise mHealth solutions
  • Mobile security and compliance
  • Mobile healthcare application integration with clinical, administrative and imaging systems
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Medical devices and wearable integration
Functional Expertise

Addiction Management

Patient Education and Enagagement

Medication Adherence

Remote Monitoring

Mobile EMRs

Health Charts

Clinical Trials

Enterprise Mobility

Shared Decison Making

Expanding the Care Delivery Ecosystem with Telehealth

The use of telemedicine is now becoming an integrated component in the ongoing operations of hospitals, home health agencies, specialty departments, private physician offices, people’s workplaces and homes. Diaspark works with health systems, providers, home health agencies and ACOs to develop telehealth solutions that promote better patient engagement and experience, improved health outcomes and cost reduction.

End To End Telehealth Solution Developement

NPO Services - CRM, Fundraising/Campaign Management, mhealth, Telehealth, BI & Analytics
crm platforms crm integrations crm implementaitons Nonprofit Management Solutions Fundraising Management Charity Fundraising & Management Services fundraising management software Business Intelligence and Analytics BI and analytics

Technology, Implementation and Security Highlights

  • Solution development capability across web, mobile and hybrid platforms
  • Seamless peer-to-peer communication through use of web socket programming
  • Pluggable APIs, web services and components for rapid development saving cost and time
  • Encryption technology in file sharing and chat to comply with HIPAA
  • Cross browser based solution development eliminating 3rd party installable by patients
  • Enhanced PHI protection through security best practices to avoid data breaches and cyber attacks

Get actionable insights for making balanced decisions

There are vendors, agencies, consultants and huge number of donors & audience associated to this landscape where each one has a unique demand for analytics and need a clear perspective to draw a conclusion. With Diaspark BI & Analytics services the nonprofits can manage & utilize information with sophisticated tools and harness actionable insights for fundraising, donor engagement, campaign effectiveness and many more.

Our BI & Analytics capabilities help you to:
  • Understand trends and formulate strategies accordingly
  • Gain actionable insights from huge database
  • Optimize fundraising campaigns for outreach on multiple channels
  • Get insights on user behavior to improve engagement
  • Measure campaign performance and outcomes

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