Technology Services for Healthcare Providers

Diaspark works with healthcare focused organizations - Providers, Home Health Agencies, ACOs, Physician Practices to offer solutions and services to help them improve collaboration and care coordination and establish a patient-centric ecosystem.

Our significant investments in technologies (web, mobile and hybrid) and latest innovations in areas of mHealth and Telehealth make us the right technology partner for healthcare organizations.

Helping providers develop consumer focused and enterprise mobile solutions

Diaspark recognizes mHealth from functional, technical and security standpoints. Our seasoned healthcare experts and highly competent technology teams present a solid portfolio in mobile application development services across remote monitoring, patient support tools, mobile EMRs, health charts, schedulers and reminders etc. Our strong capabilities in healthcare standards, interoperability and workflows are uniquely positioned for application development & integration of clinical & financial healthcare mobile applications across the spectrum of mobile technologies.

  • Design and development of consumer focused mobile apps  & enterprise mHealth solutions
  • Mobile security and compliance
  • Mobile healthcare application integration with clinical, administrative and imaging systems
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Medical devices and wearable integration

Functional Expertise

Disease Management

Medication Management & Reminders

Nutrition & Fitness

Patient Education

Patient Support & Safety

Wearables & Medical Devices Integration

Point of Care Applications

Pluggable Telehealth Solutions | Expanding The Care Delivery Ecosystem

Diaspark works with health systems, providers, home health agencies and ACOs to develop telehealth solutions that promote better patient engagement and experience, improved health outcomes and cost reduction.

End-to-End Telehealth Solution Development

Technology, Implementation and Security Highlights

  • Solution development capability across web, mobile and hybrid platforms
  • Seamless peer-to-peer communication through use of web socket programming
  • Pluggable APIs, web services and components for rapid development saving cost and time
  • Encryption technology in file sharing and chat to comply with HIPAA
  • Cross browser based solution development eliminating 3rd party installable by patients
  • Enhanced PHI protection through security best practices to avoid data breaches and cyber attacks

Access a diverse, highly-skilled technology team that can work as an extended IT partner

Our team of healthcare specialists has industry experience to bring your solution to the next level. We invest time, money and energy to ensure our team has the knowledge to execute your vision. ASP.NET, WinForms, C#, Java, ext-JS, Sencha framework to SQL, Oracle, and MySQL, we have the resources to get started immediately. Our Center-of-excellence in mobile health technologies also provide a strong backbone to our technology capabilities

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