Importance of Multi-channel Publishing

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According to Mobile Marketing Statics, there is a steep rise in Mobile web browsing in the recent years. It is also being observed that soon, the number of mobile web users will surpass the desktop based web browsing. In addition to this, tablets are another popular medium for web browsing which also has a significant share among internet users.



Thus it can be clearly inferred that users/ readers are everywhere. They should be able to reach you whichever platform they are using.

For an industry like Online Publishing, these statistics & such bifurcation of readers cannot be ignored. In the era of Digital Publishing, Publishers should make apt use of Content Management system to make sure that the content to be readily available for their subscribers, irrespective of the channel they are using. With the help of multi-channel publishing, similar content is been published in many ways.

Some readers might prefer an article or blog in print format while others can get connected via their Mobile phones, Desktop or Tablet devices. Audio speech representation of content is yet another module for visually impaired people. It’s just like how wide is the span of yours wings to outreach your readers.

Multi-Channel publishing is one of the most important factor for retaining your readers & converting them into potential subscribers.

On the other hand, Multi-channel publishing also plays a key role in brand building & sustaining goodwill of the company. It sets you apart from the competitors & with the help of better word of mouth, gives a reason for new audience to connect with your brand.

In order to excel multi-channel publishing, you must follow these steps:

  1. Identify your target audience:
    Instead of assuming that you have to publish everywhere, it’s important to identify that segment of audience that lies within your target. The segmentation may be divided on the basis of demographics or location but it should always be goal oriented.
  2. Using a CMS:
    Content management system is one of the best ways to channelize your content delivery network. It’s modular approach lets you easily add or update article/ blogs with just a few clicks.
  3. Templates & content representation:
    The content should be represented in such a manner that it should be easy to identify. Articles, blogs, images, headlines, etc. should be clearly stated with proper captions/ icons that lets a reader to easily understand all segments on the site.

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