Expanding the capabilities of PV O&M field force

 In Energy Solutions

O&M providers in the energy space are challenged with managing distributed workforce and assets. Every successful O&M provider is looking forward to lifting service levels by improving turnarounds and consistency. However, dependence on traditional modes of communication, paper-based data management are affecting dispersed field staff with deferred turnaround and quality.

To stay competitive in the market and meet the growing customer expectations, Diaspark Energy’s smart monitoring with robust field mobility helps O&M services providers by empowering their field staff with the right visibility and the perfect amount of automation that saves time and ensures quality.

Diaspark Energy’s enterprise-level mobile apps for O&M providers are scalable, customizable and offer an intuitive user experience.

Some key features for field force transformation are:

1.  Automate your staff operations: Diaspark Energy helps you eradicate desk work and provides real-time status updates. Our field mobility platform has the capability to adapt your current processes which let you automate field force operations without altering the way you work.

2.  Fix issues accurately the first time: Our platform helps you process repair orders accurately without deviating from the timelines in service level agreements, hence reducing costs related to downtime(whether monetary or customer perceived value). It also ensures work history and instructions are readily available which reduces the time of issue resolution.

3.  Increase wrench time: Diaspark Energy provides complete visibility to field force about location and status information in real time. This helps in scheduling and routing your technicians more accurately to ensure that they spend more time on site and least time on the road.

4.  Improved accuracy: Technicians can take pictures for documentation of damage, time devoted to tasks and spare parts used, and close the repair order on-site ensuring accuracy and faster response

Our field mobility app ensures efficient utilization of your field force, improved productivity, and reduction in overall service delivery costs. Diaspark Energy’s suite brings capabilities across monitoring, asset management, and O&M to help you grow market share, generate new revenue streams and enhance customer loyalty.

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