Most comprehensive Asset Management Software Platform tailored for today’s PV industry

Diaspark Energy is a comprehensive asset management software platform that helps to enhance performance of your PV portfolio effectively by having more transparency. It enables you to work from a single point of access for entire chain of O& M, Asset Management and Analytics.

Key Features

Asset Management

Financial & Commercial Management

Performance Management

Unified Monitoring & Analytics

Operations & Maintenance

Contracts & Compliances

How your business can get better?
  • Comprehensive software with highly intuitive and customizable dashboards
  • Mobile app for field technicians
  • Collaborate with best in class task management and document management
  • Hardware agnostic unified monitoring
  • Improve accuracy of forecasting, invoicing and reporting to gain insights
  • Ensure compliance and mitigation risk of contractual and financial exposure
  • Improve the scrutiny of critical alerts

Streamline and consolidate your entire portfolio of projects onto one fully integrated platform

Asset Management comprises of commercial, financial and administrative activities required for smooth operations of any solar PV system. Diaspark Energy take cares of all PV asset related needs with its enterprise grade Asset Management Software Platform.

Our integrated Asset Management Software Platform empowers you to
  • Identify locations of all your assets and perform health checks of it
  • Get updated status of each equipment warranty and management
  • Maintain tools and spares inventory for procurement and management
  • Control and review operating costs, financial and cash performances of each PV asset
  • Exercise complete control throughout the asset lifecycle
Our Asset Management module includes

Financial and Commercial management

  • Invoicing collections & payments
  • Accounting & financial reporting
  • Expense tracking
  • Insurance
  • Integration with SRCE agencies
  • Pricing leasing & sales models for residential systems
  • PPA & Time of use pricing for commercial systems

Contracts and Compliance

  • Contract Management
  • Document Management
  • Compliance & Legal
  • Insurance
  • Integration with SRCE agencies
  • Pricing leasing & sales models for residential systems
  • PPA & Time of use pricing for commercial systems

Asset Reporting

  • Performance reporting & management
  • Warranty administration
  • Supervision/management of O&M provider
  • Comprehensive & Configurable
    Procurement workflow

Tailored to address requirements of O&M in Solar PV energy space

Solar plant owners rely on O&M service providers as specialists to take care of their solar assets over the long haul. To deliver the commitment of end-to-end maintenance and superior performance, O&M service providers are faced with multiple challenges such as handling bulk alerts based on priority, effectively setting up contracts & compliance with vendors, and tracking technicians based on issue, location, and managing repair orders.

  • An iPad app that enables technicians to close calls and even raise invoices and payments
  • Generating various reports to increase staff productivity
  • Tracking technicians and vehicle location in real time, ensuring optimal field force scheduling
  • Ensuring compliance with utility companies and regulation authorities
  • Filtering out non critical alerts while generating tickets against mission critical alerts
Diaspark Energy’s O&M Solutions

Inventory Management

Repair Order Management

Contract Management

Performance Tracking

Day ahead forecasting

SREC Management

Workflow Management

Crew dispatch from mobile devices

Alerting System for residential meters and inverters

Vendor Portal

Provides actionable analysis and insights of entire PV portfolio

Diaspark Energy offers an intelligent monitoring and analytics solution to help O&M providers and asset managers seamlessly monitor, manage and report on the performance of their entire PV portfolio. Our robust solution even presents actionable insights to asset owners and financiers. Some of its unique features include:

Diaspark Energy’s Monitoring & Analytics tool capabilities
  • Clear and reliable indicators of system behaviour and components
  • Customer portal
  • Smart Alerts mechanism to prevents flood of alerts
  • Hassle free integration with any new monitoring systems
  • Intelligent reporting through interactive graphs, charts, and tables
The sub modules of Diaspark Energy’s Monitoring & Analytics

Unified Monitoring

Our monitoring module includes: Smart Alerts, portfolio view & reporting, customer portal, kiosk view


Diaspark Energy primarily provides two types of analytical tools to managers : PV Analysis and Financial Analysis

System Modeling and Comparative Analysis

Precise monitoring & predictive modelling tools to compare similar systems by normalizing parameters such as azimuth, weather,etc.

Compliance & Legal

Ensures compliance with utility companies and regulation authorities

Inventory & Spare Management

Helps to keep track of assets and spares inventory

Seamlessly integrate across platforms to get more out of your Solar PV assets

Diaspark Energy Platform is built on a very adaptive Framework which lets it integrates with other applications and legacy software seamlessly. Including, but not limited to your Financial Accounting Systems, Document management systems or Mails. It already has integration with much Utility companies, REC tracking companies, and state regulatory authorities and is future ready to accommodate any systems.

Integration with External System

Integrates with third Party Accounting System

JD Edwards


3rd Party AccountingSystems

Over the years many PV solar companies have been benefitted with seamless integration solution in the following ways
  • Holistically monitor & manage grid operation by integrating energy generation assets, monitoring systems, supervisory reporting and risk management & compliance practices.
  • Automate the process of gathering data from meters and intelligent devices by collaborating it with digital sensors, network & data administrators and analytics.
  • Integrated communication set-up enables to manage & monitor the network for secure information exchange which improves productivity and performance by connecting intelligent devices to reduce cost & mitigates risk.

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