End-to-end lifecycle management platform to acquire, monetize, retain and nurture customers

Bridge the gap with one unified platform for customers, paywall, content, analytics and more.
DigiPace is Diaspark’s centralized customer data platform that manages paywall, customer information, recommendations and user segmentation. It is a digital ecosystem providing flexible integration mechanism for add-ons like donations, subscriptions and marketing automation platforms.


Digipace’s provides a fast, flexible and unified customer data platform which stores audience data from the Analytics Engine and the User Engagement & Relationship Tools.

Key Features

Centralized data storage
User Profiling
Content Affinity
Data Enhancement
Predictive Modeling
Customer Management

Digipace’s Analytics & Reporting is a plug-in tool to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). We build customizable dashboards to get deeper and meaningful understanding of all data and information related to business, operations, performance and customers.

Key Features

Customizable Dashboards
Reporting of KPIs
Segment wise Reports
Cross channel reports for predicting trends
Automate actions based on reports
Conversion funnel
Custom Events
Event-based Analytics

Digipace’s Paywall is a plug-in tool to meter free content, display promotions and manage paid access to premium content. This tool enables digital publishers to set a bar on premium content viewing and monetizing it efficiently. It offers a secured paywall with all the required control and flexibility that digital publishers expect today.

Key Features

Options to adjust meter limit
Functionality to enable/disable paywall
Content, Tags and IP Range exclusion from the meter
Analytics and Reporting
Functionality to configure messages
Display meter for non-subscribers
Global meter message setting
'Try before Buy’ model before the user signs for subscription

DigiPace’s Digital Subscription is a plug-in tool to create and manage subscription packages. This tool offers automation solutions to all aspects of subscription lifecycle management including, timely subscription access, content deliveries, web ordering, campaigns management, and membership management.

Key Features

Creation of subscription products
Creation of product combos for Subscription packages
Coupons System
Integration with Stripe
Automated billing and contracts
Cancellation of subscriptions and refunds
Automated emailing on subscription of a package
Integration with Payment Channels

DigiPace’s proprietary algorithm gathers behavioral data based on user’s actions, content consumption patterns and process them as content affinity profiles for every user using collaborative filtering. The recommendations engine then recommends content based on the user’s unique content affinity profiles.

Key Features

Recommends content based on content affinity profiles
Supports multiple formats like video, blogs etc
Reduces navigation inputs
User feedback reports

DigiPace’s Donation Campaigns is a plug-in tool to create and manage donation campaigns.

Key Features

Simplified creation of donation campaigns
Payment Channel integration
Automated recurring donations
Easy management of donors list with respective donations
Stripe Integration
Cancellation of donations and refunds
Automated emailing to donors on receipt of donations
Comprehensive reports


Stores and processes data from multiple data channels
Stores and manages customer information
Segment users based on shared characteristics
Controls audience access to content with a digital paywall
Personalized and Non personalized recommendations
Create subscription packages for targeted segments
Create campaigns for funds and donations
Advanced business intelligence reports