Diaspark Energy’s O&M Module: Efficient Resource Allocation and Reduced Costs

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For any company involved in operation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations with long lifespans, the need for monitoring, management and reporting of Operations & Maintenance is an essential part of its business. For owners, O&M providers and other stakeholders, keeping profit centric assets in operation is vital to the business. Revenue streams are highly dependent on service lifecycle management, asset management, plant maintenance, reporting and analytics.

Diaspark Energy’s approach of a “customization-driven enterprise level solution” creates a service oriented O&M environment to support stakeholders by communicating asset definitions and maintenance information that enables high performance of the entire portfolio.

Diaspark Energy captures, manages, and provides metrics on an extensive range of operational insights including:

Service Contract Management – enables the Developer/Financier or an O&M company to create and publish service documentation that can be edited and shared at the point of need specific to the asset and end user.


Repair Order Management – Maintains repair order workflow that is tied to equipment failures generated by the alert monitoring system.
A Repair Order is a request created to get Reactive or Preventive Maintenance activities on the project.


From an Alert: Alerts on specific component or module can be used to create a repair order. This repair order will have details of the affected component and the reference to the alert along with all other information.

Contractual: A Repair Order can be generated automatically by Diaspark Energy based on service contracts. For example, if a service contract says that a vendor is supposed to do lawn mowing every six months, Diaspark Energy will create a Repair Order automatically and assign it to the vendor every six month on the due date. Depending on the contract, it may be directed first for the approval before it is assigned to the vendor or O&M Company.

Ad-hoc: A repair order can be created by an individual user authorized to do so.


Outage Reporting
Planned outages can be entered while creating a Repair Order. The outages can be used later to generate reports like –
1. Outages By project, or by components
2. Outages by Repair Order on maintenance activities
3. Uptime

Approving a repair order
Diaspark Energy doesn’t have strict rules on who can approve a Repair Order. To keep it simple, the Assigner or the Creator of the repair order chooses whether to get approval on a repair order or not from the concerned person or company. While creating a Repair order, the assigner can select or omit this process.
Approval or rejection remarks are mandatory while approving or rejecting an RO from his inbox.

Tracking the Repair Order
A Repair Order can have following status:
1. Pending Approval
2. Approved, (Pending, WIP, Delayed)
3. Rejected
4. Canceled
5. Closed

Whenever a repair order is created, notification emails are sent to the following:
1. The Creator
2. The Assigner
3. The Approver (if any)
The notification emails are sent every time a repair order is edited or reassigned to all so that everyone knows what is happening on a Repair Order.

Working on a Repair Order by a Technician
The moment a technician gets a repair order he is supposed to follow the steps below:
– Acknowledge the Repair order: A repair order can be assigned to a Company and then it should be acknowledge by an individual. Acknowledgement here means someone has taken the responsibility of addressing the repair order.
– Look at the services being requested and the SLA expected.
– When on-site, upload the Pre-maintenance pictures, if required. This can be done from the Web interface or from the iPad application extension designed for the O&M module.
– Perform the operations and update the actual completion date and time against the service performed.
– Upload the required documents like post maintenance pictures, Site Visit note, Site Maintenance Report etc.
– Mark the repair order as complete.
– The technician can also assign the Repair Order to someone else or mark RO as canceled.
– The technician should also enter remarks as and when needed along with the RO.

Diaspark Energy is not limited to O&M, but also serves the entire PV value chain: developers, EPCs and investors. It provides an integrated and highly customizable platform that enables companies to satisfy the needs for growth, technology enhancement or team collaboration.

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