We are in the era, where technology and software development is changing every day. Simultaneously, serving clients and targeting prospects with solutions that support innovative technology is critical in today’s business environment. Due to tight go-to-market timelines, large to small businesses are opting agile software development methodology to reduce their software development life cycle.

With Diaspark’s DevOps services, we bring proven processes, competency and experience to deliver robust development, support, and maintenance services across Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, OpenStack, along with other on-premise cloud environments.

Diaspark provides DevOps as a managed service to businesses to run applications on the cloud and ensure the in-house set-up is secured and runs efficiently.

We take pride in offering a strong collaboration to let our clients focus on critical aspects of business, without having a fear of system outages.

Our DevOps Expertise Includes

Release Management : Diaspark release management services help to deal with risks associated with application release and failed deployment

Continuous Deployment: We make sure; every built goes through the testing phase. Our team ensures error free release of applications.

Monitoring : Finding errors in early stages of infrastructure development lifecycle is the best prevention. We continuously monitor your system, framework, application security, DNS, log files and compliance adherence.

Security Management : Diaspark safeguards your entire organization functioning with services like security automation, continuous threat analysis in deployment channels, centralized logging system, and much more.

Change Management: As we all know, change is inevitable. Companies evolve continuously, and changes keep on arising, the management of these changes is very important for the proper functioning of the firm. Diaspark change management service comprises of:

  • Planning & Management
  • Configuration recognition
  • Status auditing
  • Structure change control
  • Authentication and Computing

Performance Optimization: Diaspark keeps a close watch on assessing your development environment, finding out specific issues or errors, conducting seamless audits and informing you about the concerns that might impact overall system performance.

Diaspark Cloud Migration services assist in moving data, applications, platforms, business processes and infrastructure of our client to the cloud.

With our services organizations can bridge the gap between their IT capacity and work demand.
Based on your organization requirements, we provide a standard and detailed methodology to plan and then migrate your entire technology environment. We use best-of-breed technologies to assess your requirements and guarantee a successful migration.

Our Application Migration Process

Gather and capture data of applications

Testing and validating migrated applications

Creating a roadmap to conduct migration

Deployment with post-migration review

Assessment and establishing critical frameworks for efficient deployment

Cloud Migration Services Include

AWS – Diaspark helps organizations to migrate data center to the AWS Cloud. We have dedicated experts having years of experience, working on migration to AWS and we assure there is no erroneous pitfalls.

Our strategy to manage your migration to the AWS Cloud includes:

  • Creating a roadmap to start your cloud journey
  • Determine the right options for migrating every workload
  • Efficient deployment

Azure – Diaspark provides cloud migration services for moving your infrastructure, platform and applications to Microsft Azure. We have hands-on-experience on Microsoft Azure migration to make sure seamlessly transformation to cloud.

Our experts guide you through entire migration journey – hosting systems, running applications and moving work center from costly data centers. Our professionals work on building POCs, developing configurations for a number of systems, designing methodologies for successful project deliveries.

Our Azure Infrastructure services provide you below assistance:

  • Core framework on cloud
  • Application & Data Migration
  • Capacity Estimate & Planning
  • Build Structure, Tools, and Development of the same
  • Integrity, Security and Access Planning & Management
  • Backup, Data Recovery, and Data Repetition Management

Diaspark provides ‘Application Automation’ services to create a single unified interface for all workflows.

By this service, enterprises can leverage the integration of entire tool set into a common automation engineering layer.

Automation Consulting

Environment and configuration automation

Automation Testing

Automation Maintenance

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