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Gone are those days when education remained confined to paper and books. The urge to get digital has not left education industry untouched. Technology is now shaping academics, enhancing the pedagogies followed all over the world. Learning mediums have changed and so did the entire education domain.

Due to mass consumerization of technology, gadgets are being used as a tool to imbibe knowledge. Mobile integration is an alternate to establishing greater connectivity, enhancing learning capabilities, and promoting convenience. This new way of learning improves student’s collaboration and participation as it provides handy access to educational resources.

The extension of learning to mobile devices has widened path for effective education but this requires a lot of technical competence. Independent Software Vendors often find it difficult to blend their technical proficiency with client’s requirements when it comes to mobile technology. Here comes our role!

Diaspark’s services lets you escalate to mobile learning with best-in-class technology. We deliver a wide range of interactive solutions that can be integrated on mobile devices. From mobile education portal, news & assessments to knowledge repositories, you get access to all you need as per your convenience.

Making your education system more proficient, we offer a plethora of mobile portal solutions. Our mobile learning practices can help you in following ways:

Student Lifecycle Management
Applications, Admission Status, Enrollment, Registrations, Attendance, Assessments, Results, Performance Reports, Learning Matrix

Institution Management
Class/examination Schedules, Teachers Scheduling, Event Management, Internal Communication and Social Media Collaboration Management, News and Announcements, Assessment Management, m-portfolio, etc.

Content Management
Course Structuring and Authoring, Syllabus, Training Material, Virtual Libraries, Knowledge Repositories, Examination papers, Multimedia Content, Student-generated Content, and more

Administrative Services Management
Inventory management, Workflow management, Mobile Payments, Franchisee Management, Resource Room Scheduling, Recruitment, Notifications and Alerts etc.

With CMMI Level 5 certification and over two decades of experience, Diaspark has continued to deliver state-of-the-art software services to Education ISVs, thus enhancing their technology front and helping them to meet client’s needs and attain business goals.

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