The Client

The Client is a large New York based Not for Profit fighting the crisis of HIV/AIDS and Homelessness. The primary motive of the client is to end the dual
crisis of Homelessness and AIDS. It has enriched the lives of 20,000 homeless and low-income people in New York living with HIV/AIDS through its service offerings since 1990.

The Business Challenges


Content Management, Online Book Store, Auctions Management, Online Inventory, each on different technology platforms that evolved under different teams. Now, the current management was struggling to make all of them work together.


Admin interfaces and reporting were a daily challenge and a big impediment to smooth operation of their business.

Diaspark’s Solution

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and expertise in the publishing domain, Diaspark developed a website to seamlessly integrate Auction Management and Online Book Store by migrating from Cold Fusion and Indaba to Drupal 7. The key drivers for the solution included

Putting in place an advanced web content management system linking both modules, and creating an easy to use, intuitive, and extremely user friendly application to search for and buy books

Improved integration with existing Indaba database, both upstream for Inventory Management of more than 50K books and downstream for online purchase and auction

Use the latest technologies/open standards and advanced Responsive UI features like AJAX to support a flexible content layout and section front creation for both Book Store and Shop

Smooth Third Party Integrations such as Payment Gateways, Sales Integration

case study-Large New York City based Not for Profit-2
case study-Large New York City based Not for Profit-3
case study-Large New York City based Not for Profit-4
case study-Large New York City based Not for Profit-5
  • Customize the Front Page Theme
  • Customize Menu in New Theme
  • Add and Manage Auctions
  • View Winner and Bids
  • Select Winner
  • Categories and Product Management
  • Shipping Methods and Shipping Charges
Book Store
  • Books Category Management
  • Browse by Category
  • Easy Search Options
  • Add to Cart Option
  • Product Reviews
  • Newsletters
  • Highlight All Upcoming Events and
    Related Events
  • Shows the Event Page and Location

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