The Client

The client is one of the largest Financial Publisher in the US. They publish a wide variety of newsletters and articles not only for their paid subscribers but also for the non-paid subscribers. Along with their main website, company has 7 separate brand portals out of which 4 brands with paid online subscriptions and 3 Brands with free content; targeting clients with different investment needs. The website records over 1M articles, newsletters and stock symbols, with 1M page views by more than 10,000 users.

The Business Challenges


Online customer care options were not available for their customers


Since there are multiple systems involved, user have to move between different applications/screens for performing a single activity like Suspend, Reinstate


Non availability of reporting and analytics was another challenge


Existing setup was lacking

  • User friendly search and lookup
  • Dashboard and notification system available for customer service representative
  • Multiple payment gateway integration
  • Policy management


Manual import of data (from Shopping cart application, CMS and other external systems) into existing system at end of the day, hence real time information was not available

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark replaced client’s standalone windows based system to a web based subscription fulfillment system with integrated online customer care and shopping cart capabilities for all their brands.

Multiple payment gateway integration

Developed an efficient reporting and analytics system for current and past subscription activity including

Implemented credit balance system and robust policy management

Created a efficient flow of defining Marketing entities like tracking code, offer & publication

Designed the exception management system to notify and log each and every exception properly

One view of their customers across various systems, with real time analytics for enhanced business intelligence and decision making

  • Daily Ledger (Cash in cash out) Reporting
  • New cancellations & renewal cancellations reports
  • Daily accounting (sales, refunds, by CC, etc.), accounting details,cash reconciliation
  • EOM report – Sales by Publication, renewal, new, transfer, cancels,refunds, write-offs
  • Monthly – Recognized revenue on accrual basis.
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