The Client

The client operates in a Subscription fulfillment industry, seamlessly supporting nation’s leading magazine publishers and membership organizations.
Powered by advanced technologies, client drives customer interaction through comprehensive integrated solutions – from digital and e-marketing
technologies to high-capacity customer service and high-volume transaction processing. Their end-to-end solutions include digital entitlements, e-marketing, ecommerce, remittance processing, customer service, letter shop, direct mail and more.

The Business Challenges
  • Multiple application platforms were used for performing similar tasks e.g. there were different customer service solutions – Phone, self service,email, chat and different ecommerce systems such as Subscription & donation. Hence there was need for unification
  • Since there were different databases for various application platforms, there was a need to integrate these databases for creating consolidated profiles
  • The client was unable to establish a link between subscription fulfillment, e- commerce and customer service
  • Consumer behavior analytics was absent in legacy system. This called for intelligent targeting based on real time analytics
  • Legacy system did not have ability to provide customization abilities to publishers in creating offer pages
Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark assisted the client by enhancing the existing systems i.e. unifying three application platforms (Page Builder, Shopping Cart and Customer Service) into one application and making it multi-tenant to serve the whole purpose.

The following enhancements and features were provided in each application
Page Builder
  • Decoupled reusable page templates & configurations
  • Flexibility to drag & drop widgets on different pages
  • Provision for Dynamic Donations as per customer’s past donations
  • 3rd Party communication library like Zinio, Textarity, etc.
  • Single interface to configure 3rd party paid coupons like groupon, living social, etc.
  • Product creation and tiered pricing on offer item level
  • E-cards library & enhanced Gift orders with unlimited gift recipients
  • Ability to schedule future delivery date for gifts
  • Introduction of reward for referral
  • Robust and simplified renewal
  • Gift Renewals with improved functionality
  • Improved Invoice upsell offers (secondary upsells)
  • Integrated entry page for print to online renewals and invoicing
  • Integrated social media plug-in library
  • Integrated single sign-on authentication
  • Customizable e-mail templates
  • Customizable validation messages
  • Facility to make payment with multiple cards
  • Dynamic page flow creation
  • Email automation workfllow
Shopping Cart
  • Integrated Shopping Cart with page builder
  • Widgets to provide greater flexibility for creating pages
  • Easy to configure store with efficient catalog management
  • Ability to sell subscriptions in shopping cart
  • Real time and batch inventory management
  • Surveys in shopping cart
  • Integrated Product Review management
  • Ability to manage abandoned cart settings
  • Shared tax rate table across the board
  • Ability to view and export customer’s searches
  • Ability to view and export customer’s wish lists
  • E-gift cards in shopping cart
  • Configurable related and add-on items
  • Customizable discount configuration
  • Review management
Customer Self Service
  •  Enhanced capability to view Shopping cart orders and page builder
    transaction on single interface
  • Integration with CDB
  • Ability to customize different pages & menu navigation
  • Enhanced and robust digital upgrade offers using matrix
  • Integrated social media widget
  • Scalable reward system
  • Enhanced and real time process for report missed/damaged issues
  • Configurable Order cancellation
  • Configurable Snow birds feature
  • Configurable Stop and Hold feature
  • Configurable Gift renewals
  • Ability to share wish lists on email
  • Payment Wallet
Benefits to the Client
  • Intelligent  Dynamic Offer Engine: Consumer behavior analytics provided
    intelligent targeting and consolidated profiling for ecommerce vertical
    and enhanced cross-selling and up-selling
  • Unified shopping cart for Subscription, Membership, Donation and
    products as well
  • Customer Service was integrated with Page Builder and Shopping Cart
    which provided a better experience to customer
  • With unification, management of various application platforms
    became easier and simpler
  • Page Builder: Improved Page builder functionality helped publishers
    create fully customizable dynamic offer pages on the fly without technical support and
    hence they were able to rapidly create offers and test them to
    optimize financial performance
  • Multi-tenancy enabled multiple clients to leverage same data base and application at the same time

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