The Client

A research-intensive financial publishing firm that aims to level the playing field for small investors by giving them access to the ideas and insights of some of the country’s top investment researchers, analysts and writers.
They publish a wide variety of newsletters and articles not only for their paid subscribers but also for their non-paid subscribers. Along with their main website, the client also has 7 individual brand portals out of which 4 brands have paid online subscriptions and 3 brands provide free content - all targeting clients according to their unique investment needs. The website records over 1 million articles, newsletters and stock symbols, and 1 million page views, from a user base exceeding 10,000.

The Business Challenges
  • An editorial team frustrated over having to repeatedly reach out to their development team for small changes. An arduous development cycle to manage even the simplest tasks such as moving content blocks or publishing new home pages.
  • An IT team always struggling to keep up with the needs of Marketing and web managers.
  • Cost of maintenance not justified by the speed with which the need to add features was met.
  • Editorial team unable to measure their performance and compare with their peers in the industry.
  • Five different technology solutions and 4 instances of CMS that meant very complicated integration, and a compromised view of the customer across brands and usage behavior
Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark developed a Unified CMS using Drupal, an end-to-end solution to easily organize, manage and publish content across multiple portals with better response times and faster performance.

Solution’s Key Features
  • Better editorial and delivery workflow: Author – Editor – Approval – Delivery to multiple sites and channels
  • Allows client to better target their subscribers with one view of subscribers, their profile, and their usage.
  • The features include a single dashboard for portal analytics, Google Ad integration, newsletter management, optimized website and ad performance, integration with Edge for user registration, easy to manage blogs, social media services and dynamic RSS.

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