The Client

A leading provider of instructional technology that enables Secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) providers to maintain and track information related to their adult education programs.

Business Challenges

With the increasing demand of cloud based models and peer-to-peer collaboration, the client’s existing software demanded improved accessibility and distribution. Their existing system was a desktop application developed in VB .Net. And, like any desktop application, its access was limited to its installation location. They needed a partner who possessed domain and compliance knowledge along with technical competency to help them migrate their application from desktop to a cloud-based model. In order to eradicate redundancy and inconsistency issues, the application also coerced the need of an effective database design.

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark leveraged an open source technology (LAMP) and developed a cloud-based application for the client. The application follows a multiple tenant model, where only a single instance of the application runs on the server now, thus, serving multiple clients. Diaspark’s team also designed a data migration tool in .NET technology which helps to transfer data for each tenant from the existing old system to a new system that uses MySQL database.The product was enhanced with dominant features including:

Application architecture

Cloud based application development

Powerful identity management

Designed to support a multi-tenant model

Mobile enablement for high availability

Intuitive user interface (supporting multiple theme options)

Student information processing: registration, eligibility criterion, contact etc

Data migration tool

Benefits to the client
  • Cloud enabled application developed using open source technologies
  • Application and network security to prevent fraud
  • Application is very useful for administrators, teachers & students to track and maintains all information related to various adult education programs
  • Multiple color themes for an enhanced user experience
  • Easy to use standard GUI controls
  • The application manages and keeps track of information related to educational programs via several modules
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