The Client

The client is a renowned New York based nonprofit organization, promoting economic growth in their city and among its people. The organization’s expertise in developing, managing, investing and advising businesses is dedicated in making their city stronger. It also facilitates investment tools for non-profit, redevelopment programs and other expansion.

The Business Challenges


The client needed information to be more seamless and available for large information exchanges between their departments


Due to lacking interoperability and different technologies, there was an urgent need to reframe the MIS for capturing data and generating important project reports


Up-to-date information was required from the project tracking system and survey interface so that internal users could easily access and analyze while external stakeholders could more easily submit information


The information already existing in various data systems, if properly architected with an intuitive user interface, could lead to a “super ecosystem”

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark worked closely with client’s MIS team to plan and implement the required changes. Our extensive experience in providing Microsoft solutions, particularly SharePoint and SQL Server 2008 R2, helped us in evaluating different options and technologies.

To address the requirements of the client, Diaspark unified and integrated various systems into one user friendly web interface.

Designed and developed a data replication, reporting services and linked server architecture as back end system

Reengineered the Crystal reporting architecture using the integration service to deliver real time output

Data drilling and decomposing information was achieved

Deployed Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with its familiar Microsoft Office interface, to share business information quickly with other users on the front–end

Features & Benefits
  • Robust Reporting architecture and interface tools
  • Quick access to information, seamless and integrated data and enhanced decision making capabilitie
  • Dashboard with intuitive web interface to capture data, document management, administration module, notification system, custom reports enhanced decision-making capabilities
  • The Integration Services, Replication and Linked Server Architecture allowing quick access to data from different sources
  • Users can now drill deep into Year- on- Year Usage Comparison, examine Yearly Project data, analyze survey information quickly between the disparate systems – making the overall environment as a ‘super system’
  • Self-service capabilities and ease to access information

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