The Client

A world-renowned spine surgeon, owning and operating 3 surgery centers as well as performing seminars, needed to reach his current and potential patients from anywhere.

The Business Challenges
Patient Challenges

Greater inconvenience in visiting surgical center just for the diagnosis, required intense efforts.

Patients have to send physical CDs of their MRIs to the provider’s office which results in long delays in consultations.

Physicians Challenges

The center receives nearly 200 MRI CDs per week which required uploading on a 3rd party system manually, thereby occupying office staff.

Having multiple surgery centers & affiliations, the surgeons were forced to travel multiple times per week to various locations.

Performing surgeries at affiliated hospitals required patient or staff to bring MRI disc which was sometimes forgotten or misplaced.

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark partnered with the client to develop a telehealth solution through which physicians can provide consultation anytime & anywhere.

A complete, secure Telehealth Solution containing medical documents & image repository with the ability to video conference and secure chat with patients anywhere in the world.

Ability to share screen which allow providers to give more meaningful assessment about patient’s condition & surgical requirements.

A world class solution to provide colleagues and other medical professionals the ability to change the care delivery model of patients with chronic pain.

Patient Portal
  • Upload, store & share medical records
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Find a doctor
  • Authorize 3rd part upload & access
  • Online MRI viewer
  • Virtual Consultation
Practice Management
  • Practice admin
  • EMR Integration
  • User/Permission Management
  • Availability Management
Provider Portal
  • 24/7 Medical record Access
  • Virtual consultation/ Screen Sharing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Payment Gateway
  • Embedded Virtual Office
Business Benefits
  • As a result of the constant pursuit of patient satisfaction, the client was able to add a better experience to his current and future patient population
  • Patients with painful and debilitating conditions could receive a one-on-one medical document and image review while viewing the physician computer screen
  • While offering this convenience for an affordable price, the client was able to analyze more images and book more surgeries for in-network, out-of-network and international patients

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