The Client

The client is a renowned America based fine jewelry and timepiece brand. The company produces more than 250 unique new designs per year and is best known for their iconic Cable Collection. The brand currently has five international and twenty four local boutiques in North America.

The Business Challenges

The client wanted to have an app for sales representatives by which sales orders could be taken from anywhere. Carrying bulky jewelry catalogs was a big menace, thus the client wanted to empower sales reps to showcase line sheets & catalogs digitally.

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark partnered with the client and developed an iPad app for the sales team which facilitated them to place large sales order effortlessly and securely. The app helped users to digitally showcase existing and proposed products, keep a track of item change history and deliver sales order at different doors simultaneously.

Functionalities include
  • The app can be used in offline mode, with last synced data
  • The products are listed in both views: Grid view (only images are displayed) & List view (along with images; price, item code, description etc. are also displayed)
  • The app can be used in salesperson mode (can view order details of all customers) & customer Mode (Details of only selected customer)
  • Option to place specially customized orders for any selected product
  • Option to email or print the purchase order from cart page before finalizing it
  • Products can directly be added to cart through barcode
  • Comments can be mentioned in products added to cart like shipment dates, address etc.

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