The Client

A New York based nonprofit organization which prevents & reduces problematic use, abuse and dependence on alcohol & drugs.

The Business Challenges

With an aim to promote health & provide access to services for those at risk or suffering from addiction, the client needed a mobile platform where patients can interact with health coaches & get immediate assistance on substance use & addictive behaviors.

To combat for this crusade, they were looking for a technology partner to eliminate following challenges:


Tedious data entry system hampering productive time of resources


Inefficiencies in retrieving meaningful data from unorganized patient information


Developing a complex algorithm to infer patient’s severity based on their answering patterns


Tedious and monotonous data entry system

How Diaspark helped

Diaspark partnered with the client to develop an iPad app that helps health coaches to pre-screen patients with questions related to their drinking habits or drug use

App is a brief computer-guided collection of information using scientifically supported screening questionnaires

There are 3 screening questionnaire; Alcohol Screening, Drug Screening, Alcohol + Drug Screening. Patients can choose any one screening

Health coaches will receive alerts if patients meet a certain threshold based on that pre-screening

Key features
  • Scientifically supported screening questionnaires algorithm
  • Patients can choose any one out of three screenings
  • Streamlined data collection for categorizing questionnaire responses
  • Little/no data entry via keyboard
  • Individually tailored feedbacks
  • Graphical data representation
  • Privacy of patient identity
  • EMR Integration
  • Motivational & awareness-raising interventions for patients
Benefits to the Client
  • Effective diagnosis and prevention of patient’s condition before they become substance dependent
  • Ease of use for drug abuse patients helping them interact better with health coaches
  • EMR integration of reports
  • Meaningful representation of diagnosis reports

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