The Client

The client provides cloud-based software for assessment, accreditation, and e-portfolios to universities, colleges, and K-12 schools.

Business Challenges

In a responsive field as education, the client wanted to have advanced evaluation functionalities added to their existing learning assessment system. They wanted to make ‘student evaluation’ a short process. They also wanted to add predictive and behavioral analytics capabilities to their product line.

Diaspark’s Solution
Diaspark assisted the client in developing a collaborative content authoring system to promote interactive assessments and outcome based learning. Diaspark introduced ‘Bulk evaluation criteria’ to make assessments more streamlined. This functionality enables educators to easily collect and monitor candidates’ performance, manage placements, streamline accreditation preparation, and evaluate candidates based on standardized performance assessments.
The solution also featured predictive analytics to streamline workflows and providing real-time access to information. With implementation of dashboard and analytics, educators could instantly access data in any form. They could analyze student-faculty engagement level and analyze student’s performance on measured outcomes. They could compare and filter data by program, course and demographics and generate requisite reports.
The product was enhanced with functionalities like :
  • Assessment planning
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Transition point management
  • Clinical placement data management
  • Dashboard Reporting and Analytics
  • Accreditation preparation
  • Evidence collection and archiving
  • Signature, capstone, or key assessments
  • Rubric building and scoring
  • e-Portfolio & Performance assessments
Key benefits to the client
  • Interactive and dynamic assessments with filters to evaluate performance at granular levels
  • Improvised student-faculty engagement levels
  • Bulk evaluation criteria to instantly measure student learning
  • Single sign in and identity management
  • Simplified workflows with real-time access to information
  • BI dashboards and reports to analyze student performance, course catalog, faculty workload etc.
  • Data import and migration
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