The Client

The client is a renowned NYC based Publishing brand & a rooted name for more than a century. As an oldest weekly magazine, the client has chronicled the breadth of American Journalism embarking their name as independent voice for Political issues, Social causes, Arts & culture. They also had online presence to serve their platform including investigative reporting & spirited debate.

The Business Challenges
  • The biggest challenge was faced by authors to update articles & other information in the backend of their previously used CMS
  • Content representation- the client required freedom to express, position & manage several modules & forms from the backend based on their personal interest & market trends
  • The existing website was not Mobile-friendly. Most of the designs & modules were not responsive for Mobile phones & Tablets
  • Due to static designs & consistent layout, the visitors & readers to the website find it less interactive. As a result, the website suffered a slack in terms of traffic & higher bounce rate
  • There was a steep decline in online donations & number of subscriptions for magazine & articles because the website failed to upheld reader’s interest Users find it difficult to switch between the Sections & other relevant articles
  • Search functionality was lacking the eminence. Users were not able to find relevant information based on their search queries
  • Looking for alternative ways to convert site visitors into paid subscribers
  • Ad placements & contextual targeting were non-flexible due to predefined templates
Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark has developed an interactive platform & an extensive solution with prodigy to fulfill the diversified needs of mass audience based on several demographic considerations. The aim was to conquer the current challenges with a vision to accumulate the future trends.

  • CMS Migration- Drupal to WordPress
  • Custom-built additions to enhance Editorial functionality from backend
  • Improved in-site search with 90% relevancy
  • Recirculation link at the end of each article to navigate between various Article sections
  • Customizable action touts to serve each article uniquely
  • Integration of latest Subscription Module to engage readers
  • Infinite article scrolling with Floating Navigation menu
  • Customizable keyword based targeting from back-end
  • Manageable Sections/ Menu-labels on every page from CMS backend
  • Editors can arrange or shuffle the modular layout on Home-page
  • Flexible Ad placement of various dimensions with the help of optimized contextual and keyword based targeting
  • Metered Paywall integration with flexibility to configure limits on number of free articles per user before they take Subscription
Benefits include
  • Monthly page-views has been increased by 47.7%
  • Significant decrease in Website’s Bounce-rate by 17%
  • Easy workflow & manageable backend sections for Editors and Story-tellers
  • Escalation in online donations
  • Modular fragmentation of content enhanced user interactivity
  • Exponential increase in Magazine subscriptions
  • Easy to search & track relevant information
  • Encapsulation of several touts & call-to-actions in an article

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