About Jewelry Retail: In-store Analytics

Diaspark has introduced an industry changing solution that churns out to be the most efficient application for Jewelry Retailers. Referred as In-store
analytics, the system holds a firm grip in depicting customer insights & capable of forecasting buyer’s preferences based on their purchase history. Store managers can now take intelligent business decisions & offer personalized services to their customers.

The Business Challenges


To understand & recommend a right product to customers has always been a challenging job for a brick & mortar business of Jewelry retail


Store managers have to mine large chunks of data to offer special personalized services to loyal customers


Identifying valuable customers & their buying preferences over the course of next six months and plan procurement accordingly


Demographic classification of customers & their complementing services is still a manual process for most businesses

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark has closely monitored the Jewelry retail operations & developed a series of impelling solutions to adrift customer services effectively

Created a solution that seamlessly integrates with mobile phones that is efficiently incorporated with Barcode scanners & Payment card swipe machines

Made an imperial traffic prediction system that estimates the expected customer during peak hours & busy holiday seasons

Organized pile of customer’s analytics to help sales representatives to offer one-to-one services

Acknowledged the importance of understanding customer’s behavior, In-store analytics provides a deeper insights to a customer’s Likings & Not-likings

Merchandized mix acts as a driving force for forecasting procurement planning during periodic yearly cycles of what items are likely to be purchased

Customer Insights
  • Purchase history
  • Most liked items versus least interests
  • Personalized services
Merchandising Mi
  • Identification of valuable customers
  • Products likely to be purchased during next few months
  • Procurement planning
Traffic analysis
  • Net traffic report
  • Expected traffic during busy hours
  • Service scheduling & planning
Benefits to the Client
  • Improved customer behavior analysis & increased ROI
  • Better planning of resources
  • Higher customer retention rates
  • Personalized services for loyal customer

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