The Client

The client is a New-York based jeweler specializing in engagement rings. It is renowned for its signature hearts and arrows diamonds and custom jewelry designs. The brand counts over 1100 point-of-sales worldwide.

The Business Challenges
  • To understand & recommend a right product to customers has always been a challenging job for a brick & mortar business of Jewelry retail
  • Store managers have to mine large chunks of data to offer special personalized services to loyal customers
  • Identifying valuable customers & their buying preferences over the course of next six months and plan procurement accordingly
  • Demographic classification of customers & their complementing services is still a manual process for most businesses
Diaspark’s Solution

Understanding client’s problem to improve commercial performance and customer experience, Diaspark implemented a solution that provided deep insights into retail operations and shopper behavior. Referred as In-store analytics, the system holds a firm grip in depicting customer insights & is capable of forecasting buyer’s preferences based on their purchase history. Store managers can now take intelligent business decisions & offer personalized services to their customers. The functionalities include:

Created a solution that seamlessly integrates with mobile phones that are integrated with barcode scanners & payment card swipe machines

In lieu of understanding customer’s behavior, Diaspark In-store analytics provides deeper insights to customer’s product likes and dislikes

Merchandize mix forecasts procurement planning during periodic yearly cycles for items which are likely to be purchased

Traffic prediction system estimating expected customer visits during peak hours & busy holiday seasons

Customer Insights
  • Purchase history
  • Most like items versus least interests
  • Personalized services
Merchandizing Mix
  • Identification of valuable customers
  • Products likely to be purchased during next few months
  • Procurement planning
Traffic analysis
  • Net traffic report
  • Expected traffic during busy hours
  • Service scheduling & planning

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