The Client

The client is one of the oldest and largest providers of alternative small business financing in the US. They offer direct funding alternatives for retailers, restaurants, wholesalers, e-commerce vendors, corporate franchises and a range of other business types.

The Business Challenges


Data was scattered in multiple legacy application in different format


Client was unable to utilize huge volume of data in meaningful way


Frequent changes in reporting requirements from business sides were not being met


Trend analysis was required for better operations

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark applied its extensive software knowledge to create a data repository wherein data was fetched from various formats and integrated into one.

Developed ETL mechanism to warehouse data from heterogeneous sources such as OLTP, emails, FTP files and sales force system
Generated reports (tabular, cross tabs, graphs etc.) to support business operations, end user needs
KPIs Dashboards were introduced which offered better grip, control and monitoring business operations, supporting management team in decision making
Business Benefits
  • Faster decision making based on business type and Volume
  • Early detection of potential defaulters
  • Decision making tool for Business Analysts to arrange funds in advance based on the business season for different streams of business

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