The Client

Based in Washington DC, the client runs a business dedicated to improving healthcare programs through health information management, technology and program management, and strategic communications services.

The Business Challenges

The client was facing several shortcomings with their previously used 3rd party tool for Virtual training and conferencing .
The major challenges with the 3rd party tool were:


No option was available for live question & answer sessions for participants


Existing solution was not responsive on Mobile Phones, Tablets & Desktops


Participants were not able to participate in Polls & Surveys that made client and their associates unable to process their opinions


Videos couldn’t be streamed on Live platform during the sessions


Participants had no live support/assistance on their queries

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark has closely analyzed the project requirements & created virtual learning platform which allows customers to connect with clients and staff members, delivers real time content, increases productivity, and reduces travel costs. The solution provides video conferencing between teachers and students, as well as on-demand archiving of training sessions of learning which could be shared from anywhere and anytime.

Some of the key aspects of Diaspark’s solution are -
  • Live technical support, Q&A sessions & chatting options for all participants
  • Responsive designing to run application flawlessly on smartphone & tablets
  • Social media integration to sign-in through popular platforms like FB, Twitter, etc.
  • Integration of application with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Integration with various LMSs (Blackboard, D2L and Canvas) using LTI integration
  • Making the application 508 compliance for disabled & handicaps
  • Enablement of feedback/ rating mechanism of each session/presenter
  • Addition of real-time polling option for participants
  • Calculation of credits and accreditation for participants
  • Notification & reminders to participants & registrants for upcoming sessions
  • Representation of real-time Reports
  • Account Management reports
  • Monitoring usage & features
  • ROI calculation
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