The Client

A leading publisher serving more than 20 million registered learners, 5,000 educational institutions, and 130,000 employers throughout 40 countries; engaging and supporting learners along their school-to-college-to-career pathways.

The Business Challenges

Business Challenges

  • No scope for scalability and low website performance. Limited support to 25k users allowing for only 12 concurrent users, while support for 2 million users and 500 concurrent users was required
  • Most features were poorly designed: Wiki, Chat, Blog, Forum, Calendar, Learning Matrix, Search, Single Sign-On, and no API for integration.
  • No support for global languages.
  • Portal was not user friendly, required lots of clicks. There were frequently post backs and the UI design was not consistent.
  • The legacy system was not compliant with ADA and FERPA.
Diaspark’s Solution

An enterprise level web application designed with wide-ranging tools and services that students and educators need for their day-to-day learning, teaching, networking, professional growth and collaboration.

Solution’s core features
  • Scalable architecture that Supports 2 million users with 500 concurrent users
  • Single Interface to connect with various known repositories available on the internet.
  • Strong cross search facility.
  • Library creation to applications through an exposed API.
  • API Library for 3rd Party Developers.
  • ADA section 508 and FERPA compliances
  • Web Portals for Individuals, Groups, Institutions and Courses
  • Live Web Classrooms & Global Learning Systems
  • Networking, Cross University Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Course Management
  • Chat , Wiki & Blogs
  • Session Management & Alerts
  • File & Object Sharing
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Review & Forums
  • Showcase & Publications
  • Knowledge Base Repository

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