The Client

The client is a US based e-commerce company which promotes healthy living by offering a
convenient shopping experience. They feature more than 45,000 items including all the nutrition
and wellness products at discounted prices.

The Business Challenges

Client required an auto-system which could provide repeat order facility to those customers who purchased frequently with minimal variations in quantity and variety


In order to compete with other players in the market, improvement in layout and user experience was much needed


Complex order generation and payment methods in existing system

Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark developed an ‘Auto ship program’ which allows customers to set repeat orders and ship them at preferred frequencies. The team made enhancements in layout and functionalities to improvise user experience during the order process. The updated functions supported additional options for setting-up new purchase order system thereby, improving usability, boosting customer retention and incremented order levels.

Business Benefits
  • Repeated orders facilitating steady income stream
  • Better management of inventory with planned order information
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention with the elimination of manual time-consuming ordering system
  • Flexible scheduling system: 15, 30, 45 or higher shipping intervals with the ‘Auto ship Program’
  • Automatic set up of 5% discount from second shipment onwards

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