The Client

The client is a renowned NYC based Publishing brand & a rooted name for more than a century. As an oldest weekly magazine, the client has chronicled the breadth of American Journalism embarking their name as independent voice for Political issues, Social causes, Arts & culture. They also had online presence to serve their platform including investigative reporting & spirited debate.

Business Challenges

Newspaper & magazine brands consistently struggle to generate Ad revenues through online medium. Client was also looking for alternative ways to make earnings through their website. The challenges and requirements for this project are:

  • Traditional method of generating revenues through Ads was too main-stream. It often distracts web readers, thus there was a need to build an engaging platform
  • A mechanism was required to increase paid subscriptions to articles & news feeds
  • Admin should have control on limiting number of free articles and define their access notifications
  • Develop a custom module for encouraging user for paid subscription and storing their contact information
  • System should be able to capture user statistics based on article reads before opting for subscription
Diaspark’s Solution
Understanding the client’s requirements, Diaspark has built a custom Paywall module and integrated it with their existing CMS. This Paywall module has given the power to website administrator to have more control over their paid revenue generation. Diaspark’s solution includes:
  • Paywall integration- website administrators can now limit article count for new users
  • Unique user count- the system uses smart algorithms & IP tracking mechanism to count unique article readers on desktop, mobile phones and tablets
  • Notifications- Customizable frontend message board for free article access notification
  • Reporting- user reports to determine article read and subscription funnel through Paywall integration
  • Taxonomy for free articles- admin can create separate categories for paid and free articles
  • Unique content count- admin can choose whether multiple reads to a particular article should be considered as unique count or it should be counted as separate read

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