The Client

The client is a leading provider of learner –expert engagement platform for managing virtual expert knowledge networks in education. They deliver expert knowledge and information, by virtualizing key human resources and managing enterprise knowledge relationships.

Business Challenges

The client provides a skill development system to be used by existing experts, tutors or advisor resources enabling them to deliver tutoring and student support online. However, this software platform had some operational and technical flaws.

  • Tutor-student interaction was limited and required enhanced tools
  • Experts availability and On-demand lectures were not accessible
  • Application called for simplification, given the level of complexity involved
  • System Architecture was obsolete so required functional enhancements
  • Cloud shifting turned out to be another challenging task
  • Poor student engagement due to lack of optimal view of application across platforms
  • Scheduling group sessions was tough
Diaspark’s Solution

Diaspark evaluated client’s existing systems along with needed technical and functional requirements. The core criteria included enhancements in Application Usability, Sustainability, Interoperability and Software Coding Practices. The evaluation was done at the following levels:

  • Functional and Business Rules-Changes were made in UI/UX design to make the application simpler
  • Search was made generic and independent of other search options
  • Advanced features like multiple calendar integration (iCloud, Outlook, Google, etc), professional platform integration (linkedin) were added to enhance the usability of the application
  • Features like group chat and sessions were introduced by embedding BigBlueButton in application
  • Enabled video capturing and uploading of sessions with the help of webrtc
  • Reduced dependency on 3rd party tools and licensing
  • Enhanced responsiveness of the application
  • Important sessions can be achieved and accessed later
  • Information of expert and student was made available in simplified layout with real time availability of experts
  • Simplified process for sending invite to people outside the application
  • Different views were introduced: Search, Calendar, Groups, Sessions and Chat view
  • Architecture and Technical Design was refined
  • Cloud was shifted from IBM to Azure
  • Application Infrastructure
  • Diaspark empowered the client to use existing software which had pre-installed applications
Key business benefits
      • LTI integration made Expert-student connection more interactive than ever
      • Learning experience was improved with On demand expert availability and multiple session functionality
      • Super Admin Login was provided to enhance control
      • Improved UI/UX design made the application user friendly
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