About the Platform

Diaspark Energy- An Asset Management Software Platform for renewable energy businesses that caters to Asset Managers, O&M Providers and Residential fleet operators by providing software solution for Monitoring, Asset Management, Analytics, Operations & Maintenance and Portfolio Management.

The Business Challenges


Managing and monitoring multiple equipment and monitoring system from various hybrid data sources posed a major challenge


Huge data volume at high frequency, 1800+ Projects, 4000+ equipment, 5 to 15 Min Interval, 1 GB added every month- Data Integration was essential.


Client required various real time reports such as PV & Financial portfolio, online monitoring, alerts, performance and core analytics.


There were new equipments, new projects and new reporting requirements being added every day.

Diaspark’s Solution

Integrated 360 degree analytics to engineer data in a centralized form - From data integration to insights into granular analytics.

Created an ETL Solution to pick up data from hybrid sources at various frequencies and converted to normalized form.
Created one centralized data warehouse using MS BI technologies
Introduced Data Warehousing and Data mining functionalities
Enhanced multi-dimensional analysis tools
Created various dashboards at minute levels
Integration Packages (SSIS)
  • Gathering data from third party in 5 min, 15 min frequency and
    storing them in database
  • Summarizing data
Prepared Reports (SSRS)
  • Generated different type of reports (tabular, cross tabs, graphs
    etc.) from OLTP, OLAP databases using SQL, PL/SQL and MDX
Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Analyze data (measures) in different dimensions through
    data cube.
  • Manage Graphs, Reports etc.
Business Benefits
  • Improved data samples for finding better trends.
  • Comparison and DSS for finding the right tools for next project.
  • A better insight into SREC trading – Spot and Future market.
  • Maximizing uptime by identifying preventive maintenance on

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