Aligning Ed-Tech products with IMS standard in Analytics ‘Caliper’

 In Education ISV, Enterprise Services

With the significant growth of online learning landscape, there is an increased need for management of digital curriculum, delivery and enrollment. Also, there is now a heightened demand for accountability regarding the capability to measure and analyze this extended online learning activity.

Learning tools, today offer highly interactive learning experiences along with providing useful information in understanding and improving student performance. But with availability of multiple learning environments, there arises a need for managing widespread data that can be consolidated for single view or cross-provider analysis.

In order to fulfill this goal, IMS introduced a learning measurement framework – ‘Caliper’ which establishes means for consistently capturing and presenting learning activity, enabling more efficient development of learning analytics features in LEMs. It leverages data management and provides a standard way of measuring learning activities and effectiveness to measure, compare and improve learning quality.


Diaspark has been providing integration services to Education ISVs – LTI, QTI, SCORM/xAPI, LIS/ OneRoster, etc. We are now offering Caliper Integration services to support consistent data analytics processing, measurement and evaluation across different learning management systems. Our team can help you in building standardized learning measurement tools for learning information models comprising of course, learner, results and all associated critical context.

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