A Step towards new age Assessment Solutions

 In Education ISV, Enterprise Services

There are number of complexities in the evolving Ed-Tech arena. There is strong need of developing a system of pre-assessments, track progress, and post-assessments; delivered in conjunction with the new standards meeting state and federal benchmarks.

The objective of assessments is not just to gather data, but to make that data easy to understand, and actionable. Advanced assessments, automated scoring, and other add-on tools all craft more chances to gain insights into how students are making headway over time. With this quantifiable data, educators along with other stakeholders can collaborate to drive success.

With extensive experience of serving Ed-Tech firms to improve their offerings; we can say that a robust assessment solution should provide following technical benefits

  • Stable and secure
    The system should be very robust and secure enterprise-level system developed to support any number of users, and rigorously tested in critical working conditions, providing user’s peace-of-mind.
  • Scalable
    Software should be enough capable to easily scale the utilization up and down to meet varying demand, guaranteeing best utilization and flexibility in future
  • Flexible and intuitive UI/UX
    Should be built on up-to-date web development technologies ensuring best in class architecture and UI/UX

The education ecosystem is shifting again and is now set for the next wave of change in assessments solutions. Diaspark can lead Ed-tech firms in achieving simplified, streamlined and cost-effective delivery of assessments for the new world.

Utilizing the latest technologies Diaspark focuses on helping its clients built ground-breaking, highly scalable and secure products for education domain. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who have been building online assessment systems, LMS, ecommerce and eBook conversion solutions for a number of years and have delivered on a range of highly successful projects.


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