10 Performance Improving Tips for NPO’s Online Initiatives

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With an annual growth of over 13.5% in Online Giving, US based organizations have shown another significant rise in donations where statistics have doubled for the second consecutive year. The most prominent figures are shown by Small organizations with 18.4% hike which is then followed by Mid-sized organizations -11.4% & Large Organizations- 12.7%

Thus it’s imperative for an online NPO to provide a hassle-free platform to their users & maintain the pace with current market trends. For sustaining a continued growth, we are listing performance basics that every Online NPO should practice:

  1. Fundraising Module
    Fundraising module should encourage donors to relate with the Campaign’s initiative. The donors must know how their donations will be used, aspired by honesty & transparency.
  2. Web & Social Media Connectivity
    In the era of Social Networking, your organization must have a strong presence in Social media thus helping donors to easily locate & publicize for better word of mouth.
  3. Importance of “Donate” button
    Every page of the website should be integrated with a “Donate” button. The appearance & styling should be bold enough to locate & click.
  4. Apt use of Infographics
    The infographics must have an emotional appeal embedding a compelling story. It should strongly appeal your campaign & impact caused by it.
  5. eCommerce
    eCommerce is one of the most critical, yet ignored aspect of Non-profit organizations. All transactions to your website should be convenient, swift & smooth for the donors. A cleverly designed transaction system must cover the horizons like:

    • Orders
    • Billing
    • Member/ Non-member pricing
    • Accounts receivable
    • Subscriptions
    • Event registrations
    • Payments, etc
  6. Membership Management
    Whether you choose Membership software or a Custom designed module for Administration tasks, members of your organization should be well-communicated & managed throughout their association. Membership fees, benefits, customer services, account renewal activities, etc. should be synchronized with the database.
  7. Advertise through blogs
    The website must be linked to a blog section where all recent campaigns & initiatives will be briefed to the members & visitors to the site. On the other hand, it will also help you gain good search engine ranks.
  8. Call-to-Action & Thank-you page
    All Call-to-actions should be precisely defined with proper placements on the web-page. On completion of any of those actions, users must be shown a Thank-you page, appreciating their efforts & encouraging them to revisit the website.
  9. Mobile Friendly Web-designs
    With rapid increase in Mobile Web Browsing, it’s imperative that designs should be responsive for Mobile phones & tablets. Distorted designs or resolution on Mobile phones will not only deviate traffic from your site but will also defame your goodwill.
  10. Centralized Content Management Interface
    Website’s every module should be integrated under a centralized content management system. The importance of CMS is that it easily lets you manage the content, pictures, videos, etc. on your website in nick of time.

These proven practices will suffice the needs of your organization & thus improving the website’s performance.
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